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Per Andersen

Family Research

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Frequently used lecturer in topics like "Finding family in the 20th century", "Illustrating your family history" and "Family myth research".

- The Knot of King Gordius (Co-author with Peter Bundy), 2016 - The Roos Family from Southern Jutland, privately published, 2000 - The Jagd family, privately published, 1996 - From Hvide to Hundevad, privately published, 1993 Numerous articles in magazines like Kolding-bogen and Slaegt & Data.


"I cannot thank you enough for all this information you have found for me. This is wonderful information and it is fantastic that you have been able to help me understand my roots in Denmark and Sweden". (Kimberly J.P.) Life has been very exciting since Per called me first to tell me he had finally found my Danish family and that I have three Danish brothers, a sister and an aunt. I have picked up 15-20 new family members. What a blessing and what a fantastic work! I was long in shock over the volume of new information Per had obtained. I am flabbergasted by Per s results. This is so incredible. (Peter Bundy) "I give Per Andersen my warmest recommendations. After having searched for more than 25 years after a person who could be anywhere in the world, I came in contact with Per. Fast and professionally he initiated the search and within some months he established the positive result. Per is a warm and understanding person who would do anything to solve the case he works on." (Henri Dworsky) Many thanks for the help!! I am impressed by the speed and effectiveness of your work in my case! It was such wonderful news that I actually still have some family on my father s side and that they are looking forward to meeting me. This means so incredible much to me! (Marie A) "It is an incredible document you have written. Your energy, structure and persistency is significant. Very exiting. My sister and I knew that we had a gap in our family history, but not until you uncovered it we realized how important this knowledge is to us. And what a history you have discovered. We are very thankful for this." (Jens Vestgaard)

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