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Enrico Davini

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I'm Italian and live near Rome,I searched genealogical records starting from 2000 and collected the data in my site.I've over 3000 individuals on my tree, from 1200.I'm also the webmaster of Facebook "Cognome Davini" group. My research specialties are all Italian records, in particular Tuscany and Rome archives. Tracing Italy to USA, South America, Australia emigrant routes, I connect a lot of descendants with Italian origin with "cousin".For my non genealogical CV, please use linkedin. The initial consultation is free . The cost of the genealogy research of your family will be based on the depth of the research; also the quotation is free. No advance payment.

Service Description:
1)Single Copy of a Detailed Document:If you are in search of a particular document that might help fill a hole in your family tree or need a particular record. 2)Open Search:On the basis of the data you sent,I provide you a plan of the research with delivery time and cost.I usually perform online and offline researches, in particular for 1800 today period in Italy.In case of emigrant, the availability of USA arrival and census data will be confirmed. The final report contains copies of documents,photos,links and so on.Report and documents are sent ONLY in electronic format. 3)Genealogical tree (limited to XIXth century):As per Open search,on the basis of the data you sent,I provide you a plan of the research with a proposal of delivery time and cost.I perform a collection of the documents that concern more recent generation of the family, usually starting from 1808 (pre-Unitarian Civil State and Historical Archive of Italian Municipality and State Archive).The final work consists of copy of original certificates, transcriptions, pictures or photocopies and in simple report of the ancestry and a tree, that shows the direct line to you. The documents are collected in a binder and completed by a genealogical chart. In addition to tree on paper, you can order also an online tree archive. 4)Full genealogical tree: As per Open search, on the basis of the data you sent,I provide you a plan of the research with a first proposal of delivery time and cost.There is no way of predicting exactly how long I will take to view or obtain documents necessary to genealogy research: in the case of long project, I updated you every 2 weeks about the progress or the delay respect to the time scheduled.When I begin your project,I create your private online tree, where you can access at anytime.All records and documents or new family members, will be added to the tree. The final project delivery is a volume that contains hard copies of pictures, photocopies or transcriptions of the documents found in various sources related to your ancestry, and,as example,kept at Civil State Office of the Municipality,at Parish or Diocese or State Archives, usually until second half of XVII century. In the case of Italian emigrants, documents about ships and passenger list, historical census copies or World war documents will be searched and if available will be added. The relevant part of the info contained in the documents (if necessary translated in english) will be inserted in the final research report, with the references of all documents included and the source. The book is bounded and completed with a large size genealogical chart, that includes all the family branches, and a tree, that shows the direct line to you. In all case further researches, regarding new branches discovered with the search or particular sources or documents, will be proposed. I offer also Village Photography, Cemetery researches, Photo restoration, Italian (or Latin) to english documents translation, Genealogical web site.

Academic Degrees:
ph.D (Chemical Sciences)

Research Specialty:
Catholic ; Emigration & Immigration ; Heraldry (coats of arms) ; Historical Sites ; House Historian ; Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) ; Medieval ; Migration ; Military ; Naturalization ; Italian American ; DNA Specialist

Time Period Specialty:
17th Century ; 18th Century ; 16th Century

Geographic Specialty:
New England ; Mid-Atlantic ; South ; Midwest ; Rocky Mountains ; Southwest ; West ; Northwest ; Australia ; France ; Germany ; Italy

Service Categories:
Photography ; Translator ; Web Designer ; Author/Writer ; Transcription

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