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Elizabeth Owen

Merlin Genealogy Solutions

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Elizabeth, I came to you as you had been so highly recommended. As a property and aviation professional and Chairman of companies both in Norway and the UK l find that by the very nature of my background l can be most demanding. However l would like to thank you most sincerely at the dedicated and enthusiastic way you have undertaken the research into establishing the true identity of my Grandfather. Your research work has been excellent despite it being clear that my ancestor had gone to so much trouble to cover his tracks. You have undertaken vague leads and l am grateful for your capabilities and reports. I must admit that genealogy is a long drawn out and complicated process which you have clearly mastered in a most professional manner. Elizabeth thank you most sincerely for all your dedication over the past year and you are a caring true professional. Roger Byron-Collins Tvedestrand Norway. My first meeting with Elizabeth was as the result of a gift voucher with Merlin Genealogy Solutions from a relative for an hours consultation to discuss my family tree. It was clear straight away that Elizabeth could investigate many avenues that I had previously not thought of or have the time to investigate and I did not hesitate to ask her to continue tracing my family tree on the paternal side. My family history is a complicated one as my grandmother seems to have been associated with many men nearly all with the same surname but it was clear that Elizabeth was determined and committed to help me find out more information about these men and in particular one of them, my paternal grandfather. I have found her logical and thorough research most helpful with a well presented family tree containing detailed information on each family member. She has been able to trace a direct line from myself back to ancestors from the 1700's all, within the same area of Cornwall which has enabled me, with no surviving family on my paternal side to feel a sense of belonging which is hugely important to me. Would I consider recommending her to anyone interested in researching their family tree? Absolutely, no doubt about it. C.Hill (nee Gerry) - Little Bookham - Surrey I presented Merlin Genealogy Solutions with a difficult problem based on little information. They went above and beyond the requirements of the contract, searching in areas that I would not have considered. That the final result did not achieve the result I was hoping for is no reflection on their expertise. Unfailingly helpful and courteous and with reasonable charges, I would use their services again. N. Climpson - Par, Cornwall " Elizabeth delivered a clear and concise talk on 'Brick Walls'. It provided us with an opportunity to refresh our knowledge and methodology that proved valuable to even the most experienced family historian" East of London Family History Society (Bishopsgate Branch)

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