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Simon Barber

Title Research

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After studying for a history degree and spending some time with the civil service, Simon joined Title Research in 2002 as a case manager responsible for managing a caseload of genealogy and missing beneficiary cases. Following a spell directly leading the delivery team as Operations Manager, Simon moved into the Technical Manager role and now has senior management responsibility for leading on the quality and service delivery of all of Title Research s genealogy and overseas asset services. A leading expert in the field of probate genealogy and tracing of beneficiaries, Simon is passionate about helping clients minimise risks and in helping them use outsourced services to improve their own service delivery.

Service Description:
Founded in 1965, we provide a range of expert services that cover every aspect of probate and estate administration. Legal professionals turn to us because they know that we can be trusted to take care of their challenges professionally and competently. We bring clarity to estate administration by delivering proven genealogical research and asset repatriation services that mitigate risk for legal professionals. The expertise and experience we ve gained over 50 years means that we know where to find the people you need to trace and how to navigate even the most complex international processes. Above all, we take pride in our work and on providing an effective, comprehensive service that you can count on. With an unrivalled track record for tracing missing beneficiaries and recreating family trees, we re committed to successfully completing every case we undertake. Our experts uncover around 3,500 beneficiaries every year and for extra peace of mind, we also offer Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance. When assets such as property, funds or shares are located overseas, our experience translates into successful transactions. We understand the international bureaucracy, the pitfalls and the processes, with on-the-ground experts to help sell or transfer the necessary assets in the quickest possible time. Call us for more information on 0345 87 27 600, email or visit

Academic Degrees:
BA (Hons) (History)

Research Specialty:
Heir Searcher

Time Period Specialty:
19th Century ; 20th Century ; 21st Century

Accepts Clients:

Spectrum House
Postal Code:
United Kingdom
Day Phone:
0345 87 27 600
Web Site:

Other Sites:
Twitter LinkedIn

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