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Colleen Fitzpatrick

Identifinders International

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British Archives, London, UK ; Irish Life Center, Dublin, Ireland ; Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw, Poland ; LandesArchiv, Berlin, Germany ; National Archives of Ireland, Dublind, Ireland ; National Library of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland ; Polish State Archives, Warsaw, Poland ; The National Archives of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland ; US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC ; Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel

1. Forensic Genealogy: CSI Meets Roots 2. You Will Never Look at Your Old Photos the Same Way Again 3. The Database Detective 4. A Different Kind of DNA Talk 5. How DNA Can Help You with Your Family History 6. How DNA Helped Solve a Family Mystery 7. The Six Degrees of Separation are History How to Find Anyone in the World 8. Reach Out and Touch Someone A Talk on International Searches 9. Adoption Searches: How to Find Someone if You Don t Know His Name From my case files: 10. The Secrets of Abraham Lincoln s DNA 11. The Hand in the Snow and the The Crash of Northwest Flight 4422 12. The Unknown Child on the Titanic Identified? Identified! 13. How DNA Solved an 80-Year Old Family Mystery - The Curious Case of James-Jake Smithers-Gray 14. The Dead Horse Investigation 15. Not Just the Facts Ma am, Give Me the Big Picture 16. DNA Identification of Missing-Identity Children from the Holocaust 17. How to Expose and International Holocaust Literary Fraud in a Few Easy Steps 18. Lying with Wolves The Misha Defonseca Holocaust Fraud Exposed

Books Forensic Genealogy, Rice Book Press, ISBN 9767160-0-3, April 2005 DNA & Genealogy, Rice Book Press, ISBN 976716-1-1, November 2005, coauthored with Andrew Yeiser, sponsored by Family Tree DNA for the 2nd International Conference on Genetic Genealogy, National Headquarters, Washington, D.C. The Dead Horse Investigation: Forensic Photo Identification for Everyone, ISBN 0-9767160-5-4, Rice Book Press, April 2008 Forensic Genealogy Revised Edition, Rice Book Press, ISBN 978-0-9767160-7-5, May 2013 The DNA Detective, Rice Book Press, ISBN 978-0-9767160-6-8, May 2013 Book Chapters: The Key is the Camera, The Desperate Genealogist's Idea Book: Creative Ways to Outsmart Your Elusive Ancestors, ed. Jeannette Balleza, March 2006 Refereed Journal Articles: Odile M. Loreille, Ryan L. Parr, Kevin A. McGregor, Colleen M. Fitzpatrick, Chriss Lyon, Donya Y. Yang, Camilla F. Speller, Michael R. Grimm, Michael J. Grimm, Jodi A. Irwin, Edward M. Robinson, Integrated DNA and Fingerprint Analyses in the Identification of 60-Year-Old Mummified Human Remains Discovered in an Alaskan Glacier , J. Forensic Sci., April 2010. Cover and Feature Articles in Magazines (Partial List): The Mascot Truth or Fiction , September 16, 2012; J-Wire, Jewish Online News from Australia and New Zealand DNA Experts and Forensic Genealogists Team Up to Solve Alaskan Mystery , Scientific American; November 2011 When a Puzzle Goes South , Games Magazine, Jan 2014 The Dead Horse Investigation , Games Magazine, April 2010 Where When Why Who? CSI Meets Photography , Games Magazine, July 2009 Who? What? Where? When? Why? , Games Magazine, November 2008 CSI Meets Roots , Games Magazine, November 2007 One Man, Two Names, Three Families , Ancestry Magazine, July/August 2009 Fake Photos in Your Family Tree , Ancestry Magazine, July/August 2009 Spotting the Missing Children in Your Family Tree , Ancestry Magazine Online, January 26, 2009 How the Internet Didn t Help Solve This Genealogy Photo Quiz , Ancestry Magazine Online, February 27, 2009 The Dead Horse Investigation , Family Chronicle, May/June 2009 This Photo is OK! , Internet Genealogy, July 2007 Uncovering the Past in Rushville, NE , Internet Genealogy, April 2007 Forensic Genealogy Online , Internet Genealogy, Online Bonus Edition, June 2006 Genealogy Meets CSI , Family Tree Magazine, April 2006 Forensic Genealogy, A Case Study in Digital Detective Work , Family Chronicle, October 2005 Forensic Genealogy Celebrates Its 100th Photo Quiz! , Dead Fred Newsletter (March 2007) Exploring Age Progression using Forensic Genealogy , Dead Fred Newsletter (October 2006) Regular bi-monthly columns in Ancestry Magazine from March 2007 through February 2010.

Associate Member - American Academy of Forensic Science, Fellow - Society of Photoinstrumentation Engineers (SPIE), Adjunct Professor and Co-Instructor Advanced Forensic Genealogy Certificate Program - Boston University, Co-Instructor, Advanced Forensic Genealogy - Salt Lake City Institute of Genealogy (SLIG)

Since early 2009 Colleen has worked tirelessly with me in uncovering the truth behind the claims of Alex Kurzem in the book, The Mascot. Her work has drawn unsolicited accolades from reporters and researchers around the world. Recently she was asked by the head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center to submit her findings (pro bono) for the Center s review. I have been in academic research for many years and understand what characteristics one must possess to be an effective researcher. Few individuals in my experience possess the integrity and work ethic I have witnessed while working with Colleen. Dr. Barry Resnick, Ed.D Professor of Counseling Santiago Canyon College Santa Ana, CA ***** As a key member of our world class forensic team, Dr. Fitzpatrick's tireless efforts made this possible through amazing, dogged genealogical research here in the USA and in Ireland, using everything from the most basic paper records research techniques, to the latest in computer technology. Even plain old person to person phone calls became important when she sensed the need. Indeed, she seems to have a sixth sense that allows her to go beyond the limits of most researchers. Dr. Fitzpatrick is a true professional, and is relentless when it comes to finding answers. If an answer exists, she will find it! Working with her was a true pleasure and we couldn t have done it without her. Kevin A. McGregor, Major (Ret) USAFR Captain, B-767, Delta Airlines Flight 4422 Project, Researcher and Expeditioner ***** Thank you Colleen for your help in discovering my husbands biological fathers last name. I know that without your guidance and suggestions we wouldn't have a last name. I know that we are going to continue to work together to find is his father and siblings. You have been great to work with. You have been the professional that we needed in our search for information. I look forward to working with you in the future. You are a true Angel. Bobbie Sexton Oklahoma ***** When Colleen contacted the Missing Identity website, we were first doing some regular genealogical research together. Quickly I understood that Colleen had knowledge in so many areas that I don t. After her detailed research into the story of Michelle Annette, she suggested using DNA to help child survivors, and managed to obtain a few free DNA kits for some of the Missing Identity children. Personally, I have no knowledge of reading the DNA results, but Colleen is not only doing that, but teaching me some as we go along. I had never heard about forensic genealogy before. Colleen is doing an incredible job making geographical family maps, corresponding with those who may help, sometimes adding to their family trees in short, I am more and more optimistic about the outcome of some of the riddles we have tried to solve before Colleen came into the picture. Eva Floersheim Moss, Norway Missing Identity

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