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Leslie Myers (Myers Genealogy Services)

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I trace and build family trees for clients, covering every region of America and connecting generations in any foreign country where your ancestors are found. Trees include the option of a free and secure website for family members to explore the tree with details, photos, documents, custom graphics, etc. (Please see my website,, for a full explanation on data choices.) i also perform genealogical research to solve specific problems. I also will build websites for other genealogists. I am a veteran journalist with 25 years of professional experience in research and writing. I have about 20 years experience tracing family trees, which is my avocation and a passion. For more than a decade, I have turned my genealogy research into family trees with the latest genealogy software. I have traced ancestors for clients across America and to more than 30 foreign countries. I have traced numerous families back to the 14th Century and some earlier. I use top genealogy and governmental archival search sources, and also have developed an arsenal of alternative sources and a network of genealogists to work through hard-to-solve tree branches. I use many libraries, as needed, including the US National Archives and The Library of Congress., as well as state archives and countless other sources. I am a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism. In addition to decades of writing and researching news stories, my other research experience includes editing and writing medical journal papers. So I enjoying the challenges of discovering personal histories.

Service Description:
I build family trees from the start, or add new branches, or solve family history tracing problems. I can turn your ancestry information into genealogical databases and stories with exciting, informative graphics - or even a website of your tree. I specialize in all areas of the Unites States, also tracing immigration and families to any foreign country. I have traced numerous families to the 1300s and some branches further back. I send the data to you any way you prefer - as transferrable GEDCOM files; as complete Mac Family Tree .mftpkg files, as a private or public website; or as emailed ancestor and descendant charts and reports. It is simply suited to your request. Website:

Academic Degrees:
Bachelor of Journalism (BJ), Univ. of Missouri-Columbia (Journalism)

Research Specialty:
Catholic ; Civil War ; Colonial ; Emigration & Immigration ; Federal Records ; House Historian ; Library of Congress ; Lineage Societies ; Mayflower ; Military ; Heir Searcher ; Court Records

Time Period Specialty:
18th Century ; 19th Century ; 20th Century

Geographic Specialty:
KY ; MD ; MO ; NY ; PA ; VA ; New England ; Mid-Atlantic ; South ; Midwest ; Rocky Mountains ; West

Research Counties:
All Counties, IL ; All Counties, KY ; All Counties, MA ; All Counties, MD ; All Counties, MO ; All Counties, MS ; All Counties, NC ; All Counties, NY ; All Counties, PA ; All Counties, VA

Service Categories:
Editor ; Historian ; Web Designer ; Author/Writer ; Oral History/Interview ; Marketing Consulting

American English ; British English, Old English

Accepts Clients:

St. Louis
Postal Code:
St. Louis
Day Phone:
Web Site:

Other Sites:

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