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Meredith Lane Brown

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Born in Arizona, a Texan at heart, descended from passengers on the Mayflower, survivors of the Jamestown Massacre, New Amsterdam Dutch, Pennsylvania Deitsch, escapees of the Irish potato famine and the German religious wars, soldiers of the American and Texas Revolutions and both sides of the Civil War, all just good solid unpretentious American stock for over 10 generations in most lines -- the most recent influx of immigrant blood having been introduced four generations ago, in 1852. Over 10 years' experience with genealogy and family history, with a focus on American pioneers; this follows 40 years of being a botanical systematist (essentially genealogy for plants). Skilled in use of online resources, logical thinking, and family tree building in and the Family Search Family Tree to ensure that all members of each family group are included and documented. I offer a variety of genealogical research services, particularly to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who want to ensure that their parts of the Family Tree are worthy of all acceptation, including teaching clients how to do this for themselves. Previously: Biodiversity Informatics (evolution and development of the field, and promotion of its importance to society; context, organizations, participants; national and international networks). Biodiversity and ecosystems policy and organizations (national, international): Strategic planning, document development. Natural history museums: Administration and promotion; informatics, curation, research. Informal and formal (university, secondary) science education: Plant systematics (Asteraceae: Astereae), pollination biology (Asteraceae), forensic botany, cytogenetics, general biology.

Service Description:
Researching family groups for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints using and other tools, and transferring the information into FamilySearch Family Tree. Will "clean up" areas of the FamilySearch Family Tree for clients and identify incomplete ordinance work on their behalf.

Academic Degrees:
Bachelor of Science (Biology) ; Master of Science (Botany (Taxonomy)) ; Doctor of Philosophy (Botany (Systematics))

Continuing Education:
National Institute of Genealogical Studies

Research Specialty:
Civil War ; Emigration & Immigration ; Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) ; Migration ; Paleography (ancient/historical handwriting) ; German American ; Scandinavian American

Time Period Specialty:
19th Century ; 20th Century

Geographic Specialty:
AZ ; GA ; IL ; IA ; KY ; LA ; MO ; NC ; OH ; TX ; VA ; WV

Service Categories:
Technology ; Editor ; Instructor

Accepts Clients:

3674 N Cochise Stronghold Rd
Postal Code:

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