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Rich Venezia

Rich Roots Genealogy

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Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh ; Heinz History Center ; National Archives - NYC ; New Jersey State Archives ; New York and New Jersey Surrogate Offices ; New York City Municipal Archives ; New York Public Library ; Philadelphia City Hall and Archives ; Pittsburgh area county courthouses ; University of Pittsburgh Archives Service Center

Rich has numerous lectures available, from immigration research to naturalization records, to National Archives research to naturalization records, to Irish research and dual citizenship. For a full lecture list, and to see where Rich is next lecturing, see

Rich's blogs and other writings can be found on,,, and For a full list, see

  • Association of Professional Genealogists
  • Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society
  • North Hills Genealogists (Program Committee Co-Chair and Immediate Past-President)
  • National Genealogical Society
  • Genealogical Speakers Guild

  • Testimonials:
  • For years, my father tried to find some information about his mysterious grandfather, who would never talk about his childhood or his family background. All we had to go on was a very common Irish name, that he had been a coal miner in Pennsylvania and the names of his mother, spouse and children. Numerous attempts on our own proved futile. There were so many Quinn families in coal country , and many of them named Patrick. When we reached out to Rich to see what he could find, we thought it would be unlikely that he could discover anything, but decided to give it a shot. Rich not only identified the correct Quinn family, but discovered information on Patrick s siblings, father, mother, stepfather and grandparents. He found that Patrick s mother was widowed young, remarried and had additional children from that marriage. We learned that as a teen, Patrick moved out of his mother and stepfather s home, to live nearby with his married sister. Rich was able to locate countless source documents, including marriages, baptisms, wills, newspaper articles, obituaries, arrests, and incredible details on Patrick s oldest brother, Charles. Thanks to Rich we have copies of Civil War documents regarding his enlistment, injuries, death and burial place. Rich was able to trace the ancestry of both of Patrick s parents to specific towns in Ireland, including baptismal records, and discovered that our ancestors had immigrated to Montreal first. He found records of weddings and baptisms at the Basilica in Montreal. Patrick s mother left a will, which Rich was able to locate, which listed her surviving children. Of Patrick she wrote, Gone west, don t know where, sometime since . The wealth of information is incredible and we are so grateful to Rich for accomplishing what we thought would be nearly impossible. To locate the correct Quinn family, Rich had to rule out numerous possible matches. He wasn t looking to provide us with easy answers, but the correct ones. About a year after Rich provided his report to us, a DNA match for my father turned up on Ancestry, for a descendant of Henry Quinn one of Patrick s siblings identified by Rich. That branch of the Quinn family knew even less about our ancestry than we did, other than a name and city of birth, which aligned with Rich s report. This proved to be further confirmation of Rich s findings and it was a pleasure to share that information with our new cousins. We have since asked Rich to research additional branches of our family tree and we continue to be ecstatic about what he has been able to find. Rich has been a pleasure to deal with, and I have no doubt that if there is any information out there on an ancestor, Rich can track it down. He s an amazingly gifted genealogist. Maureen B., January 2019
  • More testimonials can be found at

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