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Anne Sherman

Leaves Family History Research Services

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East Riding Archives ; Hull History Centre ; Lincolnshire Archives

Getting Started in Family History: Television programmes such as Who Do You Think You Are?, Heir Hunters and Long Lost Families have encouraged an increasing number of people to trace their ancestry. Easier internet access and an increasing number of online records have made researching family history easier. But how do you actually start? This presentation will tell you how to begin researching your own family origins and along the way will reveal some of the strange and wonderful discoveries I have made over the course of my research.

Parish Registers: History, Gaps and Usage: An introduction to English Parish Registers from 1538 to the start of Civil Registration in 1837. Looking at the changes and why some may be missing.

Census Returns: Fact and Fiction: Why Census Returns are not as reliable as you may think.

Social History: A Silent World in Your Family History magazine. March 2016 Issue 166. Life of the early Victorian 'deaf and dumb', covering their education, occupations, love and marriage.

East Yorkshire Study of Deaf Occupations in the early Victorian period, in Deaf History Journal, December 2015. A study of the occupations of the deaf and dumb born between 1840 and 1850 in East Yorkshire.

Blog posts on http://leavesfamilyhistory....

Member of the Communications Team of The Register of Qualified Genealogists.

"Thanks for putting together the family history package. You have unearthed some very interesting family connections, and we are pleased with the result. In particular it was great to finally discover the origin of the first part of my surname, which was nothing like the story that my family understood. C. N-H. Australia

"A very friendly, fast and efficient service. I found out about family names and lines I never knew existed even though I have been looking myself for quite some time. Would recommend." T.G. East Yorkshire, England

"It was great seeing the family history going back a number of generations, and confirming what had been said - that Robert Louis Stevenson was an ancestor. Finding out about where people lived, what they did was fascinating. The copies of original documents is great as it gives a real sense of connection with history." D.C. East Yorkshire, England

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