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Jody Clark Jones

Beyond Your Tree Genealogy, LLC

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I had wanted to join The Holland Society of New York for several years, but was unable to verify the family history that had been passed down or found on line. The task was beyond my abilities. I hired Jody to research, write and submit my application and she did an excellent job. I was accepted, and the Holland Society of New York said that it was one of the most impressive applications that they had ever received. C. V. D. I spoke to Jody about Hilda s [name changed for privacy] very sad situation hoping for any information, that might bring some comfort, some closure to Hilda. She didn't even dream of making any contact with siblings . . . but I did! Within days, I began receiving from Jody vital statistics, newspaper clippings, even photographs! Jody was as excited as I was, optimistic, enthused, thorough, and determined to bring about the happy ending. I might even say 'lovingly involved,' as that was how close she seemed to be throughout this investigation and beyond. We did find the names of the two half-sisters, and contact information for one. When my wife and I connected with Hilda s half-sister, she was positively ecstatic! We arranged to have Hilda meet her sister by phone the next day. The call went extremely well and we subsequently met the sisters and their aunt. The aunt could not have been happier to meet Hilda and openly share what she knew of her brother and his relationship with Hilda's mother. Hilda is a very devout, very traditional Catholic. I'm sure it always bothered her that she was conceived out of wedlock. I mentioned that Jody was thorough? One of the newspaper clipping she discovered was the engagement announcement of Hilda's father and his American fianc e dated a few years AFTER Hilda's birth. Upon discussing this with Hilda's aunt, we learned that the father wrote home to the U.S. to his parents that he had married Hilda's mother in a Catholic ceremony in Germany at the end of the war. THIS was the "comfort . . . closure" she needed. I highly recommend you engage Jody to look into your heritage, to fill in any gaps, to solve any mysteries. If the answers are there Jody will find them. P. P. If you want as complete a picture of your genealogy as possible, I heartily recommend you hire Jody Jones. It s like having your own private detective to search your family history. No matter how much you think you know about your family history, Jody will uncover even more pertinent information. She s amazing! T. C. We are very grateful to Jody for bringing us closure to this chapter of our family history and we would like to think that [our ancestor] is resting more peacefully as a result. I highly recommend using Jody Clark Jones. She not only uncovers information about your family, but does so with complete sensitivity. M. A. P.

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