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Jody Clark Jones

Beyond Your Tree Genealogy, LLC

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About Beyond Your Tree Genealogy, LLC (BYTG) BYTG is committed to helping others not only find their ancestors, but also to know their ancestors. BYTG believes that knowing our ancestors is important for self-knowledge, and that knowing the challenges our ancestors faced and how they responded to the challenges is essential for self-understanding. Current and future generations will benefit from familial emotions such as love, admiration, empathy, and forgiveness evoked from knowing and understanding the lives of their ancestors. About Jody Clark Jones After a successful career teaching science and math for twenty-two years at Forsyth School in Saint Louis, Missouri, Jody retired in May 2015, to pursue a second career in professional genealogy. Prior to accepting clients professionally, she researched her own and her husband s ancestry and provided pro bono research services for extended family members, friends, and colleagues for over fifteen years. While researching her family history, Jody first fell in love with her maternal ancestors. Great-grandparent by great-grandparent, generation after generation, they lured her into the genealogical hunt, and taught her admiration for the hardships they endured in Colonial America. It was when Jody began to research her father's ancestry that she stopped just collecting great-grandparents and began to hear the stories they were trying to tell her. While ancestors on both sides of Jody s family endured hardship and heartache, her father s ancestors taught her empathy for individual struggles and the desire to learn historical and circumstantial context.

Service Description:
Family Trees; Family Histories; Single Line Research; Single Ancestor Research; Lineage and Heritage Society Applications; Kinship Determination; Brick Walls; Document Transcription, Document Retrieval; Registered Researcher at NPRC in Saint Louis; Seasonal access to central Maine repositories

Academic Degrees:
B.A. (Biology)

Professional Learning
BU Certificate in Gen Research

Continuing Education:
IGHR ('14 and '15); GRIP ('14, '15, '16, '17); ProGen 28

Time Period Specialty:
18th Century ; 19th Century ; 20th Century

Geographic Specialty:
FL ; ME ; MO ; New England ; Midwest ; St. Louis

Accepts Clients:

Saint Louis
Postal Code:
Saint Louis
Day Phone:
Web Site:

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