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Yvette Hoitink, CG®

Dutch Genealogy Services

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Amsterdam municipal archives, Netherlands ; Central Bureau for Genealogy, The Hague, Netherlands ; Friesland provincial archives, Leeuwarden, Netherlands ; Gelderland provincial archives, Arnhem, Netherlands ; Nationaal Archief, The Hague, Netherlands ; Rotterdam municipal archives, Netherlands ; The Hague municipal archives, The Hague, Netherlands ; Utrecht provincial archives, Utrecht, Netherlands ; Zeeland provincial archives, Netherlands

- 19th century emigration from Gelderland/Zeeland to the United States
- Dutch Genealogy 101
- Internet genealogy
- Where was the house of Rembrandt's mistress? Using court records to locate houses.

- Yvette Hoitink, Jeroen van Luin, Internet bij stamboomonderzoek [Internet for genealogical research] (The Hague: Central Bureau for Genealogy, 2002/2006).
- Yvette Hoitink, "Finding your Dutch ancestors online," Internet Genealogy, October/November 2014, 6-11.
- Yvette Hoitink, "Digitaal," Central Bureau for Genealogy, Gen; column in quarterly magazine since 2012.
- Various articles about sources, emigration, case studies or other genealogical topics in genealogical and historical magazines.

International Memberships:
- Association of Professional Genealogists
- Society for One-Place Studies

Memberships in the United States:
- National Genealogical Society
- New York Genealogical & Biographical Society
- New England Genealogical Historical Society
- Association for the Advancement of Dutch-American Studies

Memberships in the Netherlands:
- Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging [Dutch Genealogical Society]
- Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie [Central Bureau for Genealogy]
- Ons Voorgeslacht [Our Ancestors]
- various local genealogical and historical societies

Yvette has done some research on my behalf and her work is superb. Her attention to detail and willingness to delve into facts is first-class. I was able to take a trip to Netherlands this year and photograph family residences going back many generations. A wonderful and clever young woman.
Rob Aalders

Many thanks for the hard work you have done. I am so impressed by the amount of information you were able to find in the time allotted. I am now even more convinced, that having someone with the expertise you have, doing this makes so much sense.
A.S., New Jersey.

I have read your report with great interest. You have not only answered all of my questions, but have provided additional information as well. Your research and documentation are very professional.
Jack Curtis

Thanks for your work on helping me discover my Dutch birth family. Happily I have now located and contacted the relatives of my birth father and his two siblings. Now to plan a trip to the Netherlands to meet them all.
Jane L.

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