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Thomas Meyer

Hoerner Bank AG - Worldwide Heir Searcher

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As head of the International Estates Department at Hoerner Bank AG, I am responsible for working on large-scale and particularly difficult estate matters. I have worked for Hoerner Bank AG in the area of probate research since 1988. Like my colleagues, I have gained extensive experience in locating heirs and/or other persons within the framework of an estate matter. Hoerner Bank AG dates back to 1849. We specialize in domestic and international heir research. Estate matters are referred to us by estate administrators, executors, probate courts, attorneys, notaries and other persons or authorities that are involved in inheritance matters either professionally or occasionally. Our heir research team consists of around 40 employees including genealogists, legal professionals, judicial officers, legal experts qualified to act as a probate judge in estate matters in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and translators for several languages. We also have our own in-house archive. For research itself, we have access to a global network of correspondents. Hoerner Bank AG is therefore able to conduct investigations almost worldwide. Our research specialities include: SWITZERLAND, AUSTRIA, ITALY, FRANCE, BELGIUM, CZECH REPUBLIC, SWEDEN, SLOVAKIA, GREECE, CROATIA, SERBIA, LATVIA, POLAND, RUSSIA, BELARUS, LITHUANIA, UKRAINE, CANADA, AUSTRALIA AND SOUTH AMERICA. We are constantly expanding our areas of research. Should the country in which you require research not be included in our list, please feel free to contact us.

Service Description:
We offer two types of service: 1. As one possibility, Hoerner Bank AG can undertake specific individual research as commissioned by you. This research would be carried out quickly and diligently for an hourly fee agreed in advance. 2. Further, Hoerner Bank AG can also take on work at its own risk, without becoming a financial burden on the estate. We only require you to provide information on the estate, any heirs already known and also the value of the estate. The genealogists at Hoerner Bank AG then analyze the existing information and documents before initiating their own research both in Germany and abroad. Should any heirs be found, Hoerner Bank AG then agrees an appropriate fee directly with them. If these efforts prove fruitless, however, Hoerner Bank AG (and all correspondents involved) bear the expenses themselves. As such, neither the estate nor you are encumbered with any costs. The fee amount is dependent on the complexity of the case. Please refer to the Hoerner Bank website for further details. Thus all services (research costs, procurement of required records, family charts showing complete family relationships without any gaps, etc.) are covered.

Research Specialty:
Emigration & Immigration ; Hispanic ; Holocaust ; Jewish ; Heir Searcher ; German American ; Italian American ; Polish American ; Japanese American

Geographic Specialty:
Australia ; Denmark ; England ; Finland ; France ; Germany ; Israel ; Italy ; Spain ; Sweden ; Switzerland ; Argentina

german, english

Accepts Clients:

Oststrasse 77
Postal Code:
Day Phone:
0049 (0) 7131 / 9322 254
0049 (0) 7131 / 9322 299
Web Site:

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