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Gail McCormick

McCormick Family History Services

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A family historian and genealogist for 30 years, and a professional librarian and archivist for 20, I have extensive experience researching, writing, and teaching courses and workshops on family and local history topics, resources, and research methodology.

My personal research has focused on the Philadelphia metropolitan area and the coal-mine regions of northeastern Pennsylvania, and my Welsh and English ancestors who settled in those areas. I have written and taught workshops on conducting research in a wide variety of British records.

As Director of the Research Library of the Historical Society of Washington, D.C. for ten years, I researched, wrote, and lectured on family, building, and neighborhood history research in the Capital. As Special Collections Librarian and Archivist at Goucher College, I taught a semester course on family history to incoming freshmen, which included a research trip to the Local History & Genealogy Reading Room at the Library of Congress.

In 2006, I self-published a family history narrative that included historical analysis of about 25 letters sent to my great-great grandfather while he served in the 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry during the U.S. Civil War.

I have extensive experience using all types of genealogical records, including personal papers and photographs, local and county records, military records, census records, land records, wills and administrations, and church and organizational records. I am currently working on a research and writing project on the history of a small church in the Frankford neighborhood of Philadelphia, and the emigrant families and their descendants who founded and sustained it.

Service Description:
I am available to provide a wide range of research, analysis, writing, preservation, and lecture services. I have more than 30 years experience researching, writing, and lecturing on genealogical and historical research in England, Wales, eastern Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia, including nearly 20 years as a professional librarian, archivist, and public historian. In my professional work, I have organized, cataloged, and preserved historical collections, and provided training in those skills. In addition, I have researched and taught extensively on genealogy and local history, including house and neighborhood history. I have written on genealogical and historical topics for a variety of publications, including my own family history narratives. I have easy access to many major research repositories, including the Library of Congress, National Archives, DAR Library, and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. I am happy to discuss any of these services in detail and provide current fees.

Academic Degrees:
M.L.S. (Library & Information Science; Archives) ; M.A. (Public History)

Research Specialty:
Federal Records ; Government Publications ; House Historian ; Land Records ; Library of Congress

Time Period Specialty:
19th Century ; 20th Century

Geographic Specialty:
DC ; MD ; PA ; Mid-Atlantic ; Baltimore ; Philadelphia ; Washington, DC ; England ; Wales

Research Counties:
Anne Arundel, MD ; Washington, DC

Service Categories:
Archivist ; Historian ; Compiler/Indexer ; Librarian ; Photography ; Author/Writer


Accepts Clients:

1035 Norman Dr 204 204
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