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Ellen Driscoll

Ancestry Sisters

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Cook County (IL) Recorder of Deeds ; Cook County Archives ; Cook County Circuit Clerk Archive ; Harold Washington Library; Cook County Illinois Offices ; NARA-Chicago ; Newberry Library (Chicago) ; Peoria Illinois Courthouse ; Peoria Public Library

Ancestry Sisters is a Member of the following Genealogical Organizations: Association of Professional Genealogists, Mayflower Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, Chicago Genealogical Society, and more.

Marsha T. - Chicago, Il "I searched the Association of Professional Genealogists' website to find a professional genealogist. I was looking for someone with knowledge in Chicago and Ireland. I found the perfect match -- The Ancestry Sisters. I had gathered quite a bit of information on my own, but their ability to find in-depth Chicago information was astounding. Parishes in Chicago are extremely important, as they are in Ireland. They have an excellent understanding of the nuances involved in reviewing Irish information. They were able to gather a great deal of new information and also enhanced the information I already had. This made my family history more complete. But more than that, they helped make my family history richer." " Peggy M. - Georgia 'Ellen has been amazing with my quest. As an adoptee trying to prove my true lineage is a most difficult journey. Thank you, Ellen, for being so dedicated to my quest. You have already uncovered some amazing facts, including my maternal grandfather's puzzle. What a journey indeed.' Professor Laura H. - Chicago, Il 'I found Ancestry Sisters after searching through accreditation websites, since their accreditation was important to me. However, once you use that filter and find someone who has the appropriate area of expertise, how do you know whom to use? Ellen was sensitive to our family s private matters, and investigated the information with a determination as if it involved people very close to her. She was creative and innovative in her process and as excited as I was when we uncovered another kernel of data about our past. On top of everything else, she is wonderfully responsive which, when one is breathlessly awaiting each tidbit of news, can be the tipping point in my decision about which genealogist to choose. I want someone who cares about this search almost as much as I do, and Ellen makes you feel as if she shares your excitement with each click of an email. Working with Ellen of the Ancestry Sisters was not simply a process of doing my family s genealogy on behalf of some family members, but instead opened new windows of history for me and my family that we did not know would be so easy to unlock. It has been a fun and exciting adventure together.'

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