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Kinga Borowiec

Your Roots in Poland

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Our team has been created to deal with complex archival and press queries as well as with virtual data bases within the genealogical industry. All of the issues connected with seeking and interpreting any kind of documentation can be quite tedious to someone who has never dealt with historical documents especially those written in foreign languages. Therefore, our main goal is to help all those who are looking for their roots in Poland whether it be in regions within the present geographic borders of Poland or in regions that used to be Polish soil.

Service Description:
Our offer is far more than just searching for your ancestors and discovering your family history. We search for any kind of documentation all over Poland and former Polish provinces, such as Ukraine and Belarus. We read Old Polish, Latin, Old German and Old Russian. We know that it is not enough to translate the text word by word- that is why our translations include also geographical and historical background. We work on each case individually. Our main task is to carry out research which will fully answer all your questions. Basing on all the information you provide us with we make an analysis of possible solutions and the expected end date of the research. The more details we get from you, the faster and easier we will be able to deal with your case. We can also help you to find your living relatives and then organize and manage your family meetings.We organize tailor-made individual and group tours to hometowns of your ancestors - these are called Polish Roots Tours. In the journey to your own roots you can be accompanied by professional tourist guides and historians always willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Academic Degrees:
Master (history, archivistics and editorship)

Research Specialty:
Baptist ; Cartography (maps) ; Catholic ; Emigration & Immigration ; Historical Sites ; House Historian ; Jewish ; Migration ; Military ; Heir Searcher ; Naturalization ; Court Records

Time Period Specialty:
18th Century ; 19th Century ; 20th Century

Geographic Specialty:
Belarus ; Czech Republic ; Germany ; Lithuania ; Poland ; Russia ; Ukraine ; Eastern Europe

Service Categories:
Archivist ; Historian ; Lecturer/Seminars ; Translator ; Project Management ; Transcription

Basic German, can read old German script ; Basic Latin (reading only) ; English (fluent) ; Polish ; Russian

Accepts Clients:

Piwna 24/55
Postal Code:
Day Phone:
+48 572 683 144
Web Site:

Other Sites:
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