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Regina Mize

Regina Mize - The Genealogy Maven

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Former forensic investigator turned professional genealogist skilled in ancestral, historical, and regional geographic research. I help genealogists and family historians learn how to discover their ancestral roots, expand their family history, and break through brick walls using a combination of sound genealogical research practices, available genealogical records, and DNA evidence. As a genealogical coach, educator, and speaker, I teach students and clients sound genealogy methodology that allows them to develop a solid research plan, discover supporting documentation and other evidence, evaluate that evidence, make logical proof arguments to support their research, properly cite those sources, and develop genealogy research skills to advance genealogical research and help break through genealogical "brick walls". While my primary focus is on genealogy education, I do also provide research services on a limited basis specializing in "brick wall" research. Geographic areas of expertise include the Southeastern and Northeastern United States, particularly those states and regions bordering the Central and Southern Appalachian Mountains, including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Another area of specialization is 18th - 19th century migration with an emphasis on Ulster-Irish immigrants who migrated from the Northeastern United States and settled throughout the Appalachian region, as well as Moravian migration into the Wachovia region of North Carolina.

Service Description:
Whether you are brand new to genealogy and family history research and are looking for a professional genealogist to complete research for you, a novice genealogist wanting to improve your research skills, or a skilled family history researcher who needs professional help on a difficult research problem, I can help. I offer the following professional services: Research: Professional genealogy research done for you. I work mostly with genealogists and family historians who have hit a "brick wall" in their research and need help solving difficult research challenges. Coaching & Consultation: Guidance from a professional genealogist to help you develop genealogical research skills and advance your personal research. Perfect for those who love the thrill of making discoveries about their family on their own, but who want expert support and guidance to develop their research skills and continue to grow their family tree. Education & Training: Online training courses and in-person workshops for genealogists and family history researchers via an online Genealogy Learning Lab (launching January 2020). Perfect for those who want to learn effective and efficient research techniques so that they save time and are more productive in their genealogy research.

Academic Degrees:
BA (History) ; MLIS (Archives & Records Mgmt)

Research Specialty:
Emigration & Immigration ; Medieval ; Migration ; Naturalization ; Paleography (ancient/historical handwriting) ; Scots-Irish ; Moravians

Time Period Specialty:
18th Century ; 19th Century ; 20th Century

Geographic Specialty:
GA ; KY ; MD ; NC ; PA ; SC ; TN ; VA ; South

Service Categories:
Archivist ; Historian ; Instructor ; Lecturer/Seminars ; Oral History/Interview ; Blogger

Accepts Clients:

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