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Rebecca Taylor

The Genealogy Guru, TAYLORMARK

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The Genealogy Guru, a tiny little division of Taylormark, has as its foundation Rebecca's own personal fascination with family history. After she discovered her great grandfather's WWI draft card and solved a 100 year old mystery from his past, she was hooked. Rebecca delights in the journey: uncovering the people, places and events that have led up to the people we are today. With a background in professional photography and publishing, she has found her calling in helping you unlock the secrets of your past and creating beautiful presentations for your family. . . for all the generations to come. Rebecca is the 5th cousin 8 times removed of President George Washington, a member of the Professional Genealogists of America and eager to help you answer the question, "Who do you think YOU are?"

Service Description:
You don't have to be royalty to appreciate your own family tree. Now you can display your pedigree in a place of honor and give these treasures to your parents and grandparents. You may or may not have some birth or marriage certificates, old newspaper clippings or even obituaries. Whether you enjoy the hunt yourself and just need a hand or you want us to take over the search, we relish the challenge. We scour sources from the internet to dusty old microfilm of 300 year old documents to locate the clues to your ancestors' past. These records help us piece together information about the families, their culture and their unique stories. The Genealogy Guru specializes in delivering visually stunning, well-researched and written books to preserve and showcase your family's heritage. And there won't be any need to fight over who gets this heirloom. . . you can order copies for the whole family. We combine your photographs and stories as well as what you already know of your ancestry to our professional research and design services to create personalized pedigree charts and customized books. We create legacies!

Academic Degrees:
B.A. (Commercial Photography) ; B.A. (Communications)

Research Specialty:
Civil War ; Colonial ; Federal Records ; Lineage Societies ; Mayflower ; Migration ; Military ; Heir Searcher ; Naturalization ; Royal/Noble Families ; Scots-Irish ; DNA Specialist

Time Period Specialty:
18th Century ; 19th Century ; 20th Century

Geographic Specialty:
KS ; MO ; NY ; OK ; PA ; TX ; New England ; South ; Midwest ; England ; Ireland ; Scotland

Service Categories:
Technology ; Editor ; Photography ; Publisher ; Author/Writer ; Oral History/Interview

Accepts Clients:

1601 Elm Street, 33rd floor
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