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Bryna O'Sullivan

Charter Oak Genealogy

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Connecticut Historical Society ; Connecticut State Library, Hartford

Please visit for my current lecture schedule.

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New England Historic Genealogical Society; National Genealogical Society; Connecticut Society of Genealogists; Luxembourg-American Cultural Society; Daughters of the American Revolution; American Translators Association.

Bryna O'Sullivan has done a substantial amount of genealogical research for me during the past few years. I am extremely pleased with the quality of her work. She is very thorough and extremely resourceful. On my mother's side in particular, I initially thought there was simply no way to trace her lineage, especially the ancestors of her mother s mother. This part of my family were from Canada, and were poor; photos of them are virtually non-existent. Both my mother and grandmother died quite young. The trail was pretty cold, but Bryna persevered and was able to trace a number of lines back many generations. She even proved that some people in this line lived in New England, which was rumored in the family, but unproven. She continues to work to confirm that, in this lineage, there is a Patriot from the Revolutionary War. All in all, Bryna O Sullivan is responsible for connecting me my ancestors, and for making them come alive to me. She has tremendous integrity as well as a deep understanding of the field of genealogy. I give her my highest respect and recommendation! -J.M., Connecticut

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