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Robert D McLaren

McLaren Enterprises

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Lecture, Genetic Genealogy, to staff genealogists, at Headquarters, DAR, September 12, 2006;
Lecture aboard cruise ship (ms Maasdam) for the Annual Scotland Goes to Sea on Census Records in the U.S., Canada, and UK, January 16, 2007;
Lecture, 2007 NGS Conference in Richmond on Running a Large Surname Project, May 19, 2007;
Lecture aboard cruise ship (ms Maasdam) for the Annual Scotland Goes to Sea on DNA and Genealogy, January 24, 2008;
Lecture on DNA and Genealogy at Maryland DAR State Conference, March 27, 2008;
Lecture on DNA and Genealogy at Annual Meeting, Descendants of Loyalists and Patriots, April 14, 2008;
Lecture, 2008 NGS Conference in Kansas City on Managing a Large Surname Project and Some Interesting Results, May 17, 2008;
Panel Discussion at the 4th International Conference on Genetic Genealogy, Ethical Considerations for Surname DNA Project Administrators, Houston, Texas, October 20, 2008;
Lecture on DNA and Genealogy at Maryland State Genealogy Society Annual Conference, November 1, 2008;
Lecture aboard cruise ship (Emerald Princess) for the annual Scotland Goes to Sea on Tips and Techniques for Getting Through Brickwalls, January 10, 2009;
Lelcture and Panel Discussion at the 5th International Conference on Genetic Genealogy, Houston, Texas, Lessons Learned from Running a Large Surname DNA Project, March 15, 2009;
Lectcure, From DNA Basics to Using DNA Results in Your Genealogical Research, St. Marys County Genealogical Society, Leonardtown, Maryland, March 23, 2009;
Lecture, From DNA Basics to Using DNA Results in Your Genealogical Research, Southern Tier Genealogical Society, Binghamton, New York, April 2, 2009;
Lecture, A Surname DNA Project and Its Results, 2009 NGS Conference in Raleigh, May 16, 2009

National Genealogical Society (lifetime member)
New England Historic Genealogical Society (lifetime member)
New York Genealogical and Biographical Society (lifetime member)
Connecticut Society of Genealogists (lifetime member)
ISBGFH (lifetime member)
Virginia Genealogical Society (lifetime member)
Pennsylvania Genealogical Society (lifetime member)
Fairfax County Genealogical Society (lifetime member)
Indiana Historical Society
Iowa Genealogical Society
New Jersey Genealogical Society (lifetime member)
North Carolina Genealogical Society
Guilford County, NC Genealogical Society
Fulton County, IL Historical & Genealogical Society (lifetime member)
Bone County, IA Genealogical Society
Mercer County, PA Genealogical Society
Crawford County, PA Genealogical Society
Venango County, PA Historical Society

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