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Laura Kirbyson

LAK Research & Information Mgt

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Laura Kirbyson has been working on own her family tree since her grandmother first introduced her to the hobby in the early 1980’s. Since then, she has been inspired to study human history as a career. The combination of her education and professional experiences means that Ms. Kirbyson provides comprehensive, well-rounded services to her clients.

Ms. Kirbyson received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba in Anthropology with a minor in History. She is currently enrolled through the University of Toronto—St. Michael’s College in the National Institute of Genealogical Studies Certificate program and has completed 30 of the 40 courses required to complete the program. Ms. Kirbyson has also studied records management, time management, adult education and project management.

For nearly 10 years, Ms. Kirbyson has been a research consultant with a variety of clients, both individuals and organizations, including the Government of Canada. She has done research in a variety of Canadian repositories, as well as in repositories in England. In addition to providing research services, Ms. Kirbyson has been employed as a software instructor at a Community College, as well as a records co-ordinator for an Alberta municipality.

Service Description:
Research Projects and Reports

Ms. Kirbyson offers a variety of services including researching families or individuals, as well as general history projects. Whether you want help getting started or would prefer to have someone do the research for you, Laura can help.

Some of the research options provided include getting get you started on your research with a research plan and directions; recording your family's stories; researching individuals or specific families; or preparing materials for special events like weddings, births or family reunions.

Genealogies (Family Trees)

A family history can be a few pages, a binder, a book or photo album, or even a filing cabinet full of folders and pages. It could be a simple list identifying when individuals were born, married and died or it could be more comprehensive and include a myriad of other details about our ancestors’ lives. In addition to researching and gathering this information for you, Laura Kirbyson can prepare them for you or, if you have another idea of what you`d like your presentation materials to look like, you can discuss it with her to find out your options.

We use a combination of hard copy and electronic files and software programs and can accommodate your preference and comfort level. Research results are provided in hard copy and electronic (if desired). Where electronic database files are generated, we will provide our clients with the industry standard GEDCom files to be used with their software. Training is also available should the client require it.

When you're ready to showcase your research, we can prepare custom materials like scrapbooks (paper or electronic); PowerPoint presentations; and/or framed items.

Organization and Preservation

Organizing your collection is key to both researching your genealogy and presenting it. When working on your family history, you will find that you accumulate a variety of hard copy materials and likely electronic ones, as well. The types of materials you are most likely to gather will be photographs, family stories and genealogical documents like Ancestral charts or Family Group sheets. Whatever your collection is comprised of, you need to organize all of it so it’s easy to use and hopefully share with your family.

Different types of media, including old photographs and documents, become more delicate as they age. While paper (or papyrus or vellum) has proven it can last for centuries and could be considered one of the most reliable storage methods, it needs help to last as long as possible and stay in good condition.

Backing up your collection is extremely important. You don’t want to put in all the time, effort and money and then lose it all because you didn’t keep another copy somewhere else for protection.

We can help you set up a system to preserve your collections so that they will last as long as possible.

Academic Degrees:
Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology (History minor)) ; Certificate in Genealogical Studies (currently enrolled) (Genealogy)

Research Specialty:
First Nations (Canada)

Geographic Specialty:
Alberta ; Manitoba ; Ontario ; England

Service Categories:
Columnist ; Historian ; Project Management ; Author/Writer ; Oral History/Interview

Accepts Clients:

Postal Code:
T2B 2R6
Day Phone:
(403) 613-3973
Web Site:

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