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Jim Bratt, AG®

The Family History Research Group

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All U.S. repositories ; courthouses and libraries throughout Central Texas ; Family History Library ; National Archives and Records Administration, Social Security Admin

Top Ten Websites used by Professionals. What's new with FamilySearch and FamilyTree.

Affiliations: Affiliate, National Genealogical Society, NEHGS, Texas State Genealogical Society, Virginia Historical Society, Madison County Illinois Historical Society, William Tyndale Society

"Very detailed for the limited amount of time and funds available!" "I am overwhelmed by your efforts. Both of my parents sat and read the trees and talked about people and memories from years ago. THANK YOU!" "Excellent work and very responsive! Really enjoyed working with him!" "W O W, I suspected you were good, but now I am SURE!!!" Consistent Five Star Level of service and satisfaction at Expert Connect with over 100 projects. Posted: 54 days 4 hours 39 minutes ago. Excellent communications and service. Thanks Jim! Posted: 49 days 15 hours 19 minutes ago. I appreciate the research that is now complete. Excellent work with additional detail on immigration. The only thing that would have made it better is locating siblings. Thank you for everything Jim that you have done. Posted: 25 days 21 hours 50 minutes ago. The research has been thorough, I have been kept abreast of the progress, and the project was completed ahead of the scheduled date. In addition, helpful suggestions were provided for continuing my research. Posted: 22 days 19 hours 42 minutes ago. Very good. It was almost an impossible job due to the lack of records kept in Arkansas due to the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. Yet, he provided us with a number of good leads to future work. Thank you. Posted: 16 days 2 hours 38 minutes ago. Jim I've very sorry that I haven't gotten to this sooner, but I've been sick and my mom has been in the hospital. I'm totally worn out. BUT, thanks for all the help that you have given me. You are a super person. Teri Seger I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you again. Regards, Dan Keeling Posted: 12 days 5 hours 18 minutes ago. Jim did a great job and was able to find many details about my ancestors. I will be visiting my great grandparents home town in Ireland this summer. Posted: 6 days 12 hours 9 minutes ago. Jim found some exciting connections in my family line, and kept me abreast along the way which was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend him. Posted: 13 minutes ago. Jim Bratt did a great job and in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to use him and his organization again. A very positive experience.

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