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Laureen Janzen a division of International Genealogical Search Inc.

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At International Genealogical Search Inc., we believe a key to our success is staying on top of the most recent and available resources in order to provide the highest level of service and expertise to our clients. As such, we prioritize professional development and maintain professional affiliations with the following genealogical organizations:

Association of Professional Genealogists
The National Genealogical Society
The Federation of Genealogical Societies
The New York Genealogical Society
The Utah Genealogical Society
The Washington State Genealogical Society
The British Columbia Genealogical Society

Please accept my sincere and profound appreciation for your company's successful completion of a Maternal Family Tree in the above-named decedent's estate. We exhausted all of our resources locally and were unable to identify any maternal distributes entitled to notice of the intestate estate administration. From our initial efforts to identify a professional and reliable search company, to the ultimate delivery of the Maternal Family Tree with extensive evidence of your search process
and genealogical documentation, we have been impressed by the following characteristics of your company:

1. Your staff is knowledgeable, courteous and accommodating.
2. Your firm's services were offered without pressure and with great integrity.
3. Your firm is exceedingly practical in recognizing the necessity to undertake the work with only an assurance of payment.
4. Your staff was incredibly responsible and responsive during the course of the research and development of the Maternal Family Tree.
5. Your regular progress reports and interim billing statements provided an excellent indication of your progress and the ongoing expense of the necessary research.

Suffice it to say, we are most appreciative of your work and impressed with the professionalism of your firm. Please feel free to use this correspondence as evidence of our satisfaction with the services provided.

Edgar, Attorney, New York

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to you for the fine job which your firm did in locating the 22 shareholders of the Lumber and Mining Company for us. You performed this seemingly impossible task in a very efficient and professional manner, always keeping us abreast of your findings on a regular basis. As a result of your locating these shareholders and/or their heirs, we were able to resolve this lawsuit in a very amicable manner and to the
satisfaction of all involved.

Thanks again for a job well done. We will certainly remember you for any future genealogical searches which we may have.

George, Attorney, Asheville, NC

I was very surprised when I received your fax today - happily surprised. I was amazed that you found the person I sought so quickly. I had spent many hours over many months in a fruitless attempt to locate this person. Within a few days, you found her!

I sincerely hope that you will send me some of your business cards so that I may recommend your services to others.

Joseph, Attorney, New York

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