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Shannon Bridget Murphy

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Beginning a family history was done on my behalf. Leaving no stones unturned in community history, I searched on behalf of those who had Pennsylvania family history while a college student. Long summer days were spent searching courthouse and naturalization records. Leisure time was spent on the patio of a house once owned by George Catlin.

Adoption searches, family history and historical assignments are accepted at all phases of their development. That includes adoption searches, the beginning stages of family history, answers to complete missing pieces of family puzzles and custom in depth searches. I have access to a wider range of historical resources than those that are usually considered for a family or historical search. The doors of the past are unlocked with found keys.

Completed Hispanic Family Symposium at NARA September 2005.

Attended conference The Spanish Contribution to the Independence of The United States: Between Reform and Revolution (1765-1845) at The National Portrait Gallery September 2007.

Completed courses in research methods at NARA for the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, Mexican American War, Spanish American War, WW I and Native Americans.

Service Description:
1 Adoption searches for every state and around the globe.

2 Land and property searches, including federal land patents and BLM records.

3 The documentation to show title severance from states and The United States.

4 Naturalization record searches (pre-1906 forward) and passport searches (1790s forward).

5 Search for documentation for lineage societies, including those devoted to Colonial, War of 1812, Civil War and those for local and state history. Will search records of The Continental Congress.

6 Search military records for the following time periods.

Revolutionary War ~ Copies of records made.

War of 1812 ~ Copies of records made.

Civil War ~ Copies of Union records made.

Mexican American War ~ Copies of records made.

Spanish American War ~ Copies of records made or referrals to order copies of records.


7 Search and copy documentation of US Department of Defense Vietnam era POWs and MIAs.

8 Trace campaign ribbons.

9 Search and copy telegrams and letters. Search post office Official Register, territorial papers and employees.

10 Search and copy documentation for Congressional records, including private claims to Congress from 1794 forward.

11 Neighborhood reconstruction.

12 Building preservation and house history hunting.

Research Specialty:
Adoption ; Colonial ; Federal Records ; Hispanic ; Library of Congress ; Lineage Societies ; Military ; Naturalization ; American Indian

Service Categories:
Photography ; Author/Writer

Accepts Clients:

Postal Code:

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