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Roseann Hogan

Ancestry Research Services

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Family History Library (Salt Lake City) ; Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives, Frankfort, KY ; NARA Pacific Region ; San Franciso

Lecture topics include Kentucky, research methods, European and brick wall research techniques. African-American families have been a long standing special interest and area of expertise.

Author of the standard reference, "Kentucky Ancestry". Columnist for the Research Cornerstones of ANCESTRY Magazine from its onset, won International Society's best columnist award. Numerous historical and genealogical publications, including in APG Quarterly as well as academic historical journals. Check out my website for sample articles on tips, how to get started and special topics! http://www.ancestryresearch...

Association of Professional Genealogists, National Genealogical Society, Southern California, Kentucky Genealogical Society, Czech & Slovak American Society of Illinois, plus these state genealogy societies: Texas, Missouri, Georgia.

"Since I do scientific research for a living, I was very selective when hiring someone to do genealogical research on my family. I wanted someone who could do research, conduct analysis, and write the story of my family. Roseann exceeded my expectations in all of these aspects. During the research phase, Roseann uncovered and solved some family mysteries. Given her expertise in conducting ancestral research and knowledge of languages, including German, Czech, and Latin, she was able to untangle the web of names (and all of their various spellings) used by my ancestors. I now have a set of family books that I hope will become heirlooms. I highly recommend Roseann, and I also now consider her a member of my family!" ...."Dr. Hogan, you have more than exceeded my expectations. You really get it!" ...."Roseann Hogan -- I would recommend you to anyone and everyone who needs any part of ancestral history! You worked on my budget and made sure that you had all correct census records and even reviewed my family tree to the era. Once again thank you, you are a true expert in ancestry family research." ....What a wonderful early Christmas see the face of my father for the first time! To find out where my wonderful singing voice came from. Roseann has worked quickly and diligently to find my father and provide answers to long awaited questions. Thank you also, Roseann, for being so sweet and careful with such an emotional issue. I will recommend your work to all my friends and family who have hit a dead end in their searches...Roseann can get you past those roadblocks!!" ..."Roseann was fabulous! I would recommend her to anyone, she did in two days what three generations of my family could not do. She was a joy to work with, and I look forward to working with her on future branches of my family tree." ..."Roseann, a joy to work with and you have been such a help in adding ideas and steps to my research! You have certainly added to the excitement of my search! I look forward to working with you more in the near future and would certainly recommend that others in search of "tricky" answers to their ancestry questions contact you. ....Roseann "With the expert assistance of Dr Hogan, we have uncovered critical information. Her passion and knowledge of the correct steps needed are priceless and appreciated.

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