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Claire Ammon, CG®

Claire Ammon Genealogical Services

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Having worked exclusively as a missing heir researcher for three years, under the direction of a Licensed Private Investigator, Claire Ammon, CG is highly skilled in the area of forensic genealogy and has performed research on hundreds of cases. She currently works directly for probate attorneys and private companies who need to find missing heirs or beneficiaries quickly. Through SNA International, she also regularly performs research on U.S. Army military repatriation cases, tracking down the next of kin and potential DNA donors of soldiers missing in action. By utilizing a myriad of online databases, Claire has tackled cases from all over the Country, not just locally. When the internet has been exhausted she calls on the assistance of town and county repositories, local libraries and other genealogists to perform onsite research. Several of her cases have had an international component, allowing her to establish contacts abroad. Having lived and worked in Connecticut for seven years, Claire is also highly experienced in performing Connecticut family history research and has handled a variety of cases from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She is especially familiar with the resources at the Connecticut State Library in Hartford. When non-Connecticut ancestors are involved, Claire regularly takes on a project manager role, performing all necessary online research and then coordinating genealogists nationally and internationally to assist. Claire is a member of the Connecticut Professional Genealogists Council and New England Chapter of APG.

Service Description:
Claire offers forensic genealogical research services to those in need of tracking down missing heirs or beneficiaries, regardless of the State of origin. For those exploring their own family history, Claire can help build a family tree and through in depth research can reconstruct the life of an ancestor. If brick walls exist, she can organize research, analyze findings and determine the next steps. Claire also provides consultations to those interested in performing their own research but in need of a little guidance as well as document retrievals from local repositories. Clients are typically provided with a source cited research report which documents what resources were used, analyzes findings and provides suggestions for further research. It also includes copies of any documents obtained and a family tree when appropriate. If desired, a source-cited narrative can also be created, telling the story of an ancestor's life.

Professional Credentials:

Academic Degrees:
BA (American Studies)

Research Specialty:
Heir Searcher ; Forensic

Time Period Specialty:
18th Century ; 19th Century ; 20th Century

Geographic Specialty:
CT ; New England

Accepts Clients:

PO Box 505
Postal Code:
Day Phone:
203 974 9598
888 862 5053
Web Site:

Other Sites:
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