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Roland Geiger

Roland Geiger Historische Forschungen

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Gestern 1-5, 1998-2005, various subjects like Bodenheimer, Cusanus, excavation of a German fighterplane, St. Wendelin Chapels in Northern France (German) Alsfassen und Breiten, November 2004, history of two suburbs of St Wendel, Germany (German) Mueller, Muehlen und Muehlenrecht, May 2005, about watermills, rights and laws of the millers and their families (German) St. Annenbronn, May 2005, history of a local chapel (German) Spaziergang durch St. Wendel, September 2005, a walk through my hometown St. Wendel - I'm the tour guide (German) Die Reise um die Welt, September 2005, three stories about a local family called Wassenich, one them travelled around the world (German) Gruesse aus St. Wendel, November 2005, a collection of old postcards plus the messages mentioned there (German) Kriegszeiten, 1 to 3, 2005 + 2006, stories about war in our region, various subjects and various authors (like a translation from Stephen Ambrose' "Citizen Soldier" about POWs) (German; volume 2 with photos from NARA film also available in English) Tausend Steine, September 2006, about excavation of a Roman landhouse right in our garden (German) Luise und Maximilian, October 2006, about the estate of Luise of Sachsen-Gotha, divorced wife of Ernst I, duke of Coburg (German) "Erhielt St. Wendel 1332 Stadtrechte?", July 2007, three articles about the fact why my hometown did not became a town in 1332 (German) Blickpunkte, February 2008, a collection of stories incl. history of our former town wall (German) "Nach Mitternacht - after Midnight", February 2008, about a British bomber crashed near my hometown on September 1941 (German and English) Die Carl-Cetto- und die Wendalinusstra e, June 2008, history of two roads in downtown St. Wendel, the houses and its occupants (German) Various articles in various local and regional magazines, for example about Stalag Luft 4, a former Luftwaffe Camp at St. Wendel, about emigration to Steuben County, Upstate New York, and Fostoria, Ohio, about shot down B-17s in our area, an ancient map from 1566 by Arnold Mercator.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Saarlaendische Familienkunde (Genealogical Society of Saarland), Saarbruecken, Germany Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vermisstenforschung (Research Group for MIA in World War II => shot down air crew and their history), Kaiserslautern, Germany Historischer Verein f r die Erforschung des Schaumburger Landes (Historical Society for Research into the Schaumburg Region), Tholey, Germany

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