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Roland Geiger

Roland Geiger Historische Forschungen

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Service Description:
=> genealogy => local history => transcriptions (f.e. old German into modern) => guided tours through St. Wendel County Research in both govermental (1800-1900) and church records (before 1800) of Wendel and St. Wendel County (like Urexweiler, Remmesweiler, Oberlinxweiler, Niederlinxweiler, Alsfassen, Urweiler, Baltersweiler), located in various archives like City Archives of St. Wendel or Catholic Parish Archives of Trier. Research in notary files of 19th Century located in National Archives Saarbruecken, providing details about where your ancestors lived and when they left. First they sold their household stuff, then their properties, finally the house. And 20 years later they wrote an authority to their relatives in Germany. Those papers are all kept in the notary files. A phantastic source. Research in our local Public Record Offices for Survey. The oldest maps are from about 1843 and they contain properties and houses and the names of their owners in that time. If a family left in 1850, they may have possessed a house, or they left in 1830s and their siblings possessed it. All you have to do, is to browse through the houses, compare it to recent maps and take a photo of the house as it looks today. Research for anything else that someone may want to know - about military, genealogical or local history matters. Success cannot be granted but at least someone should give it a try. And if you want to come along and see the country from where your ancestors went to America, well, come along and let me be your guide. The ancient city of Trier is less than an hour away, the area is full of Roman excavation sites and right through St. Wendel ran a parallel line to the famous Siegfried line. George Patton was here on March 20, 1945, so why should you not do as well? And to all veterans from south of the Mason-Dixon-Line: your first Stars and Bars was designed by Nicolas Marschall from Marion, Alabama. Well, he was born in downtown St. Wendel, my hometown. The house is still there.

Research Specialty:
Cartography (maps) ; Catholic ; Emigration & Immigration ; Historical Sites ; Jewish ; Land Records ; Military ; Palatines ; German American

Time Period Specialty:
17th Century ; 18th Century ; 19th Century

Geographic Specialty:
NY ; Germany

Service Categories:
Bookseller ; Historian ; Publisher ; Translator ; Travel & Tours ; Author/Writer

Can read basic Latin, French, and German, including Gothic script ; German, can read Gothic script

Accepts Clients:

Alsfassener Strasse 17
Sankt Wendel
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