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Dana McDaniel Britton

Heritage Research

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Heritage Research offers comprehensive genealogical research focusing on Texas (1836 - present) and the American South (Colonial Period - present). A company with 18 years of experience, Heritage Research can undertake most any task from incorporating DNA testing techniques into traditional research to assisting with the preparation of lineage society applications. Additional background includes international record ordering and the translation and transcription of foreign language documents. The HR Blog offers interesting articles on genealogy techniques, history and the latest news and tools in the industry.

Service Description:
-Genealogical research on behalf of a client or entity. Whether researching one generation or ten, Heritage Research can discover a variety of information about your ancestors. Occupation, religion, military service and country of origin are just some of the possible details waiting to be uncovered. A complete research report will be compiled and sourced with all available records. A narrative report (NGSQ style) will be provided outlining the findings and the subsequent conclusions drawn, as well as suggestions for future research. A pedigree chart will also be included in the final report, along with records (digital or paper) collected by the genealogist. -Record searching and ordering. Heritage Research can search for, and if extant, locate and order any vital, military, census or other record on behalf of a client. Local laws and reimbursable expenses apply. Any records ordered will be forwarded to the client at the conclusion of the project. -Forensic genealogy performed for attorneys, financial institutions and oil and gas acquisition companies. -Lineage society application preparation. Heritage Research will conduct thorough research, collect supporting documents and prepare the application for membership to the client's lineage society of choice. Acceptance into the lineage society is not guaranteed. -Provide critical analysis of prior family history research done by another genealogist or by the client. A report, along with suggestions for future research, will be given. -County courthouse research in historic Nacogdoches, the "oldest town in Texas," as well as other counties within 100 mile radius. Travel costs and other reimbursements apply. -On-site research at the following repositories: East Texas Research Center, Kurth Memorial Library, Lufkin Family History Center, Nacogdoches Public Library and Angelina College Library. Travel to other repositories will be considered and travel costs apply. -Guest author articles for publication in journals, magazines, blogs, etc. -Teach beginning or intermediate genealogical classes. -Give genealogically centered group presentations focusing on particularly fascinating cases, research methods, small business development, etc. -Transcription, abstracting, computerizing and/or publishing genealogical records. -Translation of Spanish, German, French and Italian vital records and other documents. -Preservation/restoration of photographs and documents. -Vintage handwriting analysis, including obsolete scripts like Fraktur. -Special Research Problems: Heritage Research can offer its expertise in breaking through that proverbial "brick wall." No solution is guaranteed, but by combining special research techniques with years of experience, a soundly reasoned conclusion can be reached. - Genetic genealogy research: analyze prior traditional research and, if sound, recommend an appropriate DNA test for the client or others based on that analysis. The DNA test results will then be scrutinized and further traditional research and/or testing will be recommended. -Special projects commissioned by historical societies, libraries, archives or the general public. Examples of these projects would include local histories or genealogies of notable families in the area or artistic representations of family trees. This could be in the form of framed art, pamphlets, booklets, etc.

Research Specialty:
Civil War ; Colonial ; Emigration & Immigration ; Federal Records ; Land Records ; Lineage Societies ; Military ; Heir Searcher ; Paleography (ancient/historical handwriting) ; Scots-Irish ; Forensic ; Court Records

Time Period Specialty:
18th Century ; 19th Century ; 20th Century

Geographic Specialty:
AL ; GA ; MS ; NC ; SC ; TN ; TX ; VA ; WV ; Mid-Atlantic ; South ; England

Research Counties:
All Counties, TX

Service Categories:
Historian ; Translator ; Web Designer ; Project Management ; Author/Writer ; Transcription

German, Spanish, Italian and French document translation.

Accepts Clients:

PO Box 363
Postal Code:
Day Phone:
(936) 347-3016
Evening Phone:
(936) 347-3016
Web Site:

Other Sites:
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