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Robert M. Ausbourne

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I've had a lifelong passion for history. My mother stimulated my interest by reading articles to me about ancient civilizations when I was just a young child. Fortunately, I got fascinated with genealogy in my early 20's. At that time, I still had three living grandparents and one great-grandparent who supplied valuable info. In the late 60's, I took on a large challenge for a young fellow in his 20's when I published a magazine, "The Genealogical Acorn." It was a critical success, but alas, not a financial one. Life led me to sales and eventually into the ownership of a termite and pest control company in Florida. My late beloved wife, Linda, and I sold the company in 1997 and decided to pursue genealogy on a full-time basis. Linda and I had a wonderful 33-year marriage and 3 wonderful children. After a valiant 5-year battle with cancer, she passed on 28 Jan 2015. In Dec of last year, I met a former client from 2000, Susan Wilkie. We struck up a friendship and are now engaged. She is as accomplished at family research as yours truly and will be helping me with our new website that is under construction, Linda and I had, but dealing with her death, I ended up dropping it and am now starting anew. Susan and I will be doing mostly online research. We are willing to work with clients on limited budgets, as we just love getting people excited about their ancestral roots.

Service Description:
We currently do online research only. Our regular rate is $15 per hour. We offer everyone an Introductory Special of 2 hours of research for the price of one hour. This gives our clients a chance to see what we can do. Hopefully, many of these clients will become so enthralled with seeking their heritage that they will want to continue at our regular rate. We also offer an earned rate after a client has used us for 10 hours (2 Intro Special and 8 at our $15 rate. We initiate private charts using If our client has already started a chart, they need only name us as "Editor" and we will take it from there. Our website is under construction, will have space for clients to fill in "starter" data. Also, we will have a page where readers can contribute pics of unknown persons, Bible, military and other vital info.

Time Period Specialty:
18th Century ; 19th Century ; 20th Century

Geographic Specialty:
AR ; NC ; OK ; TN ; New England ; Mid-Atlantic ; South ; Midwest ; Rocky Mountains ; Southwest ; West ; Northwest

Accepts Clients:

39712 Sweetgum Av
Postal Code:
Day Phone:
(813) 727-3537
Evening Phone:
(813) 727-3537
Web Site: (under construction)

Other Sites:
Facebook Twitter

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