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Linda Allred Cooper


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Raised an "Army Brat" on military bases in the US and Germany, I celebrate the differences and variety in all people. I began researching my own family in 1990 and working for paying clients since 1995. On the job training and experience has honed my skill for putting myself in the ancestor's place, taking into consideration what he/she was doing, where he/she was living, what the economic and political climate was so I can determine where and how to find as much information as possible. Doing research in central North Carolina (Chatham and Randolph; Old Orange) has expanded over the years to include all of North Carolina and other southeastern states going as far north as Pennsylvania and those first colonists. In 2010, I expanded my research area to Lancashire and London, England, spending 2 months on British soil doing research on some of the very first Quaker converts in the 17th century. I enjoy traveling for research and as a tour guide for descendants who want to visit their family lands. I have also arranged research trips to several states and England for small groups of amateur genealogists and family history buffs, mentoring them as they seek their roots.

Service Description:
Simple document lookups or indepth genealogical research, I customize a project plan for each client based on his/her research goals. Need a tombstone photographed? I can do that too. I use Family Tree Maker software which allows me to produce family tree charts, detailed reports, and presentations you can give as gifts or present at Family Reunions. I am available to plan and act as your Tour Guide and/or Mentor on research trips or visits to your family ancestral home. For more information, please visit my web site at

Academic Degrees:
A.As. (Early Childhood )

Research Specialty:
Civil War ; Colonial ; Federal Records ; Historical Sites ; Land Records ; Lineage Societies ; Loyalists ; Migration ; Quaker ; Court Records

Time Period Specialty:
17th Century ; 18th Century ; 19th Century

Geographic Specialty:
GA ; MD ; NC ; PA ; SC ; TN ; VA ; Mid-Atlantic ; South ; Philadelphia ; Raleigh ; Richmond

Service Categories:
Columnist ; Editor ; Historian ; Reunion Planner ; Project Management ; Travel & Tours

American English, British English, Old English

Accepts Clients:

3434 Kildaire Farm Rd, Suite 135 PMB 513
Postal Code:
Day Phone:
(919) 548-7099
Evening Phone:
(919) 548-7099
Web Site:

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