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Grazyna Rychlik

Guiding and Genealogy Services Poland

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Articles: Planning a Successful Ancestral Journey to Poland, Rodziny, Winter 2009, PGSA Genealogy in Poland Today, Polish Eaglet Summer 2011, PGSM Books: Praktykowanie genealogii. Pieniazkowie z Jedlinska XVIII-XIX w. (practicing genealogy; Pieniazeks from Jedlinsk 18th-19th cent.), Warsaw 2015.

Hello Grazyna, I couldn't be more pleased with your work since we started the first of two phases of research last summer. The two reports submitted thus far have been on-time, the material was thoroughly researched with plenty of documented facts, images and relevant proxy evidence, the findings have been clearly articulated, and the result of all your effort has been to add an enormous amount of new information to our family history going back to the 18th century. For the amateur genealogist like me, who was stuck at a certain point in time, putting you on our team was the best decision ever as you have added another generation to our family tree and added color and depth to our understanding of the conditions that led to the my grandfathers emigration from Poland. Above all that, I am most pleased to say how much I've enjoyed your cheerful and caring approach to your work, and I have great admiration for the way you have stuck to the facts and the truth to explain our roots. On behalf of all in our family who have seen and were amazed by your output, let me say that we are grateful for all that you've done for us. Best regards, Frank Brentwood, TN [U.S.] Hi Grazyna, Just to let the world know that my Piekarski Family was found, thanks to you and your dedication, it is hard to believe you started the search with my fathers name, Adam Piekarski (deceased1972) and very little other info, after myself reaching the ripe age of 59 and believing all the PIEKARSKI family were killed during the war, one notary from the uk, and off you went, churches, archives, military, red cross, village elders, cemeteries, phone books, hours spent going through records, miles travelled, from village to village, letters sent, looking for anything linked to the Piekarski family, then i got the email saying Piekarski Family Found, god did i cry. anyway after three trips to Poland under your supervision and company we would not have had it any other way, you are now part of the Piekarski house hold, and will always hold a place in our hearts, so keep your mobile switched on as i might need a translation in a hurry ! I have read books on Poland but you most certainly cannot beat being there with a girl who puts her heart and sole into our welfare and enjoyment, the miles we travelled in your car, the things we learned, the sites we saw, all we can say is thanks so much, from all the Piekarski family including my new family in Brochow, and Warsaw. WITH OUR KINDEST REGARDS STAN & WENDY [U.K.]

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