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Maggie Champion

Maggie's Genealogy Service

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I am an energetic, hard working, person. I enjoy helping others find out the history of their family, and enjoy writing about my findings. I enjoy writing about the process of genealogy research. I am the owner and manager of Maggie's Genealogy Service, in Greencastle, Indiana. I have been researching professionally since 2001, and, before that, for 6 years that of my and my husband's families. I have written seven books, each on a different family, and have written one book on the WWII military career of a Marine. I have performed extensive research on various family histories, covering most of the United States, and also the countries of England, France, Scotland, and Germany. I have written extensive reports on my research findings. In my research, I have utilized libraries, county offices, cemeteries, historical societies, personal correspondence, and the Internet. I have done extensive research for obtaining membership in the Daughter's of the American Revolution National Society. I have performed data entry for FamilySearch Indexing. I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and the Indiana Genealogical Society (Putnam County Genealogist). I also receive publications of Kentucky research interest. Through local adult education, I have instructed potential family researchers in Beginning Genealogy, and in genealogy-related activities, such as how to research a surname. When launched ExpertConnect in 2009, I was one of the first "experts" to be in the program. I completed 31 projects with ExpertConnect before the canceling of the program. I have completed the National Genealogical Society's American Genealogy:Home Study Course and the ProGen study course. I received my BA in mathematics from George Mason University, in Fairfax, VA, and continued studies in Operations Research at George Washington University, Washington, DC.

Academic Degrees:
BA (Mathematics)

Continuing Education:
ProGen Study Program

Research Specialty:
Civil War ; Colonial ; Federal Records ; Historical Sites ; House Historian ; Huguenot ; Land Records ; Lineage Societies ; Methodist ; Migration ; Military ; Heir Searcher

Time Period Specialty:
18th Century ; 19th Century ; 20th Century

Geographic Specialty:
IN ; Indianapolis

Research Counties:
Putnam County, IN

Service Categories:
Archivist ; Technology ; Historian ; Compiler/Indexer ; Instructor ; Project Management

Accepts Clients:

PO Box 843
Postal Code:
Web Site:

Other Sites:
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