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J. Amy Newman

Newman Research Services

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BC Archives, Victoria, BC agent ; Library and Archives Canada, Archives of Ontario, City of Toronto Archvies, ; Lower Mainland area ; Provincial Archives of Alberta ; Vancouver

Member: British Columbia Genealogical Society, Member & Treasurer: DAR New Caledonia Chapter NSDAR 9013XC, Vice President: Forget Me Not Family Society, Member & Executive Secretary: Community Business & Professionals Association of Canada.

"I have retained Amy Newman at Newman Research Services to search for heirs of estates, and would happily retain her again or refer others to her for that work. I'm a solicitor who practices mainly in the area of estate planning and administration, and in that capacity have had occasion to work with several heir tracing firms over the years; hers is the best I have found. In my experience, Ms. Newman's work is timely, thorough and cost-effective. Her billing practices are transparent and fees are appropriate. This work is technical and can be very time consuming. It is not required in every case, but when required, it is important for executors and their advisors to use a service that is so reliable, reasonably priced and effective." Solicitor, Surrey, BC "When we first heard from an heir-search company about our cousin passing away in England I was very skeptical, as were other members of my family. It sounded like a scam to us. It wasn't until Amy contacted me that my skepticism was put to rest. When I received the cheque in the mail I was so elated I booked a cruise to Europe!" Vicky Pehar, Maple Ridge, BC "It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Amy Newman. Exceedingly skilled, prompt, and meticulous would describe her genealogy research for estates. Amy genuinely cares about linking individuals to their familial roots. She discovered an old letter to the editor that my late grandfather had written, published 1930 in the Globe and Mail. The letter was not a necessary proof document, but it had tremendous personal and sentimental value. Our entire family was so thrilled with that little unexpected discovery. We would be delighted to recommend Amy Newman's heir-finding services." Bronya Levi, North York, Ontario "Just talking to you relieved me of so much stress and frustration. I am completely satisfied with your services and the constant updating of your progress. I was able to get copies of Mom's marriage certificate and will now be able to file for her veteran's widow benefit." Lois Mattson, Massachusetts "Thank you very much for your recent search for my cousins, with whom I had lost contact 50 years ago. The speed and thoroughness of your search resulted in my very quickly making contact with them." Kathryn Small, Burnaby, BC "After 35 years my wife was finally reunited with her mother Amy has our highest recommendation and our eternal thanks. Robert Harris, Lawyer, Alabama, USA "Amy has an incredible ability to synthesize information - her eye for detail is remarkable, and she immediately knows how to connect information with people, and people with people. I have never met anyone with such incredible networking ability, which surely stands her in good stead in her genealogical research. She strikes me as a person who would leave no stone unturned. Her highly personable nature and keen interest in people and her work make her a wonderful person to work with." Mark Ainley, Vancouver, BC

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