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Susan H. Jackman

Susan H. Jackman BGSFH

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I am most happy with the information, communication and long reports I have received and also the acceptance and wanting to research further with proof positive records. Susan has done so much research in such a short time. I am thrilled to have found her. Tony Am very happy with all Susan has found out on our family. I could never have done it myself without her wide knowledge of my German ancestors and ideas on what and whom to contact such as churches, taxes etc... I couldn't be happier to learn so much about my ancestors. Dear Susan, Thank you so much for your research. I think we are finally getting somewhere. I appreciate your efforts and your enthusiasm. I think you are as interested in finding the answers as I am and it is my family. Thanks again, Suzanne Susan has really helped to begin solving the puzzle of my family tree. I will continue the project with her as I like her approach, her data and her expertise in sorting the data. Thanks Susan, this really works! You figured out in a couple of days what I have been looking for forever. Cannot wait until the next project is complete :) Thanks again, Doug Susan has reasonable rates and is very knowledgeable and intuitive when it comes to researching. You can tell she is experienced, she is able to look where cannot and looks where I would have never thought of. Cindy Susan did it again! She found info I have been trying to figure out for a real long time. Well worth the money! Cannot wait to see what she finds out next. Thanks, Susan. Doug

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