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Debora Pallante Hill

Pallante Center for Italian Research

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ITALIAN RECORDS RESEARCH BY ANY METHOD, INCLUDING ON-SITE AT CHURCHES OR ITALIAN TOWN HALLS --ALL REGIONS OF ITALY! Over 30 years of experience doing Italian genealogy. Our founder holds a Masters in library science/archives, former museum asst. curator and professional archivist. BA in history with formal coursework (evaluated by university professors) in methods of historical research, family history, Mediterranean and international studies, anthropology, genealogy, and the Italian language. Researchers all over Italy who perform miracles. Our success rate is extremely high and you will always get the most for your money at Pallante. If you don't know your village of origin this is the place. Clients come from all over the world. Our founder also minored in anthropology and has a keen interest in human migration. She has researched all over Brazil on foot in person in South America in order to understand better the starting info from our Brazilian customers, and has had much success in locating the correct town of origin for Australian immigrants. She has researched in Ireland, and UK and has a wide expertise. Head offices in New York and central Italy. We accept any research request for any part of Italy. A special project in Caccamo, Sicily has been ongoing since 1997 with a huge merged tree that includes thousands of people.

Service Description:
All regions of Italy, by any method. Any type of project, include obtaining primary source materials for book authors and movie directors. We are networked with several Italian film history experts.

Academic Degrees:
BA (History/Int'l Studies) ; MS (Library Sci/Archives) ; Certificate (Forensic Science) ; Certificate (Genealogy)

Professional Learning
Univ of Strathclyde - PgCertific

Continuing Education:
Univ of Strathclyde

Research Specialty:
Catholic ; Emigration & Immigration ; Medieval ; Migration ; Military ; Heir Searcher ; Naturalization ; Paleography (ancient/historical handwriting) ; Forensic ; Italian American

Time Period Specialty:
17th Century ; 18th Century ; 19th Century

Geographic Specialty:
NJ ; NY ; PA ; New England ; Mid-Atlantic ; Australia ; Brazil ; British Isles ; Ireland ; Italy ; Argentina ; Peru

Service Categories:
Archivist ; Historian ; Librarian ; Reunion Planner ; Travel & Tours ; Author/Writer

American English, British English, Old English ; Basic Italian (reading) ; Basic Latin (reading only with some translation) ; Basic Spanish, Italian, Latin ; Italian (Intermediate)

Accepts Clients:

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Other Sites:
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