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Nora Galvin, CG®

Aunt Lizzie's Trunk

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Special Schedules of the US Census This lecture teaches about the four special schedules that were collected in the 19th century. Agriculture: tells what crops were grown, how large a farm was, how many employees it had and more. Industry/Manufacturing: gives the types and amounts of raw materials used by a company (anything from a blacksmith shop to a manufacturing plant) as well as the output of the company, its source of energy and information on employees. Social Statistics: tells the amount of taxes collected in a town or county, the numbers and types of schools, libraries and other community information. Mortality: names the people who died in the 365 days prior to census day. These names are not shown on the population schedule. Migration out of Connecticut before 1850 Why did people leave the Nutmeg state? Where did they go? How did they get there? This lecture discusses some of the best known destinations of Connecticut migrants including other New England States, New York, Pennsylvania, and, in Ohio, the Western Reserve and the Fire Lands. There is also a discussion of methods of travel in colonial and early federal times. Researching Your Connecticut Ancestors Connecticut has rich resources for genealogical research, some going back to the mid-17th century. Learn how to get access to these records and reap the rewards of research in the Land of Steady Habits. Genetic Genealogy This lecture informs you about how DNA testing can enhance your family history research. This exciting technology can help you discover relatives you would not otherwise find and help to identify your deep ancestral roots or a third cousin. As a former high-school biology teacher, I know how to explain this to you so you understand. Irish Genealogy Research on the Internet In this workshop I connect to the internet and project web sites on a screen so that you can see for yourself what web sites are useful and how to navigate them. We will explore web sites based in the US and in Ireland, some that are free and some that require subscription. This is a great program for researchers with Irish ancestry. Beginning Genealogy This multi-part lecture gives an overview of all the record types used in genealogical research, explains why they are important and tells where to find them. It includes a brief discussion of organizing genealogical projects. Getting Started with You enter your ancestor s name and get back 1, 572,149 records. There has to be a better approach! This lecture gives you best practices for efficient use of this popular and important web site for researching your family. OTHER LECTURE TOPICS Using the US Census locate your ancestors in time and place; discover new things about them. Vital Records More than date and place of event, these records might take you back to the old country. What Do I Do With All This STUFF? Organizing your genealogy research.

Multiple publications in Connecticut journals and genealogy news magazines. I am currently editor of Connecticut Ancestry, the journal of the Connecticut Ancestry Society.

Board for Certification of Genealogists Connecticut Professional Genealogist Council (former president) APG New England Chapter Connecticut Ancestry Society (journal editor) Connecticut Society of Genealogists (publication committee) Guild of One-Name Studies New England Historic Genealogical Society

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