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Nora Galvin, CG®

Aunt Lizzie's Trunk

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With Ohio roots and Irish heritage I now research in New England, especially Fairfield, New Haven and Middlesex Counties in Connecticut. I have access to records in all 8 counties and 169 towns in the state as well as state-wide repositories, such as the Connecticut State Library and Archives, to find vital records, gravesites, probate records and other historical information. I am familiar with civil and Catholic Church repositories in Boston, Massachusetts, including the National Archives branch in Waltham. In addition, I regularly visit repositories in all boroughs of New York City where I obtain vital, probate and naturalization records. My research experience runs the gamut both in subjects of research and complexity of projects. Because I live in a city that attracted many people from abroad to its factories, I have quite a bit of experience in immigration research. My projects have included many Irish immigrants, but also people from other areas of Europe. It is very rewarding to find a place of origin for an immigrant. I do simple vital record or obituary lookups. I also have experience completing much larger projects. One went back 11 generations to 17th century colonial immigrants in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Another went quickly from Connecticut to several generations in New York City, and then to Ireland, Nova Scotia and England. A third resulted in discovering ancestors in colonial New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and in Mexico and Quebec. Projects that fall between these two extremes include 5-10 hours of researching and reporting to identify a single ancestor or to fill out a sparse branch on the family tree. My reports vary in their format. A basic research report states what records were found, where they were found and, importantly, what records were sought but not found. Reports include analysis of the new information and recommendations for further research. A narrative report tells the story of a family over a number of generations and puts the family into historical context. The facts presented in a narrative are fully documented with footnotes. As a former high-school science teacher I enjoy educating people about genealogy. I have numerous lectures that I have presented at local society meetings as well as at the New England Regional Genealogical Consortium conference. See the full list below. It is becoming increasingly clear that DNA testing is an important tool for aligning and separating families, especially those that have been in the United States for many generations. My science background gives me the ability to combine DNA technology and conventional genealogical research and to help individuals understand the complexities of genetic genealogy. I lecture on this topic and I consult with researchers who are trying to understand the strategies involved. Besides national APG, I am a member of the New England chapter. I am also a member of the Connecticut Professional Genealogists Council, the editor of Connecticut Ancetry, the journal of Connecticut Ancestry Society and a member of the publication committee for the Connecticut Society of Genealogists.

Professional Credentials:

Academic Degrees:
BS (Biology) ; MA (Liberal Studies)

Research Specialty:
Catholic ; Emigration & Immigration ; Irish American ; DNA Specialist

Time Period Specialty:
17th Century ; 18th Century ; 19th Century

Geographic Specialty:
CT ; MA ; New England ; Boston ; Ireland

Research Counties:
Fairfield, CT ; Hartford, CT ; Litchfield, CT ; Middlesex, CT ; New Haven, CT ; New London, CT ; Tolland, CT ; Windham, CT

Service Categories:
Editor ; Lecturer/Seminars ; Author/Writer

Accepts Clients:

Postal Code:
Web Site:

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