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Why Hire a Professional? What Can a Professional Genealogist Do for Me?

Despite the proliferation of online family history records and databases, there are many reasons why you might benefit from the services of a professional genealogist. You may:

  • Lack the necessary genealogical research knowledge or skills
  • Desire specific on-site research outside of your local area
  • Have tested your DNA and need help understanding or working with the results
  • Require assistance with joining a lineage society, gaining citizenship to an ancestral country, or locating heirs to settle an estate
  • Want expert help evaluating evidence or creating a research plan
  • Have encountered a “brick wall” or family history puzzle that you can’t solve
  • Need help with reading or translating genealogical documents
  • Require specialized knowledge in a locality, time period, ethnic group, or record type
  • Need assistance to write, edit, or publish your family history
  • Wish to locate living family members or solve an unknown parentage case
  • Require expert guidance to create a family website, organize family photos or keepsakes, or plan a family reunion
  • Want an expert to teach a class or course about genealogical methods or sources at your library, civic group, or historical society
  • Not have time or interest to do the research yourself

A professional genealogist saves time.
Professional genealogists access and use a wide variety of records and tools on a daily basis. This proficiency with available resources means we can quickly determine which repositories, collections, or databases are most likely to hold the answers you seek. Our specialized knowledge, strong search skills, and network of contacts allow us to identify and access relevant records quickly and efficiently. Plus our wealth of experience enables us to find answers in less traditional records, spot unnoticed clues and patterns, understand the nuances of historical context, and provide solutions even in cases where no record directly answers your research question.

A professional genealogist saves money.
Professional genealogists have experience with a wide variety of projects, enabling us to quickly spot the best way to approach a problem, avoiding unnecessary research time and expense. Access to personal libraries, specialized databases, and a worldwide network of professional colleagues cuts down on the need for travel and the cost of acquiring certain records. The objectivity and skepticism we bring to your project may help to disprove details that once appeared accurate and refocus research in the right direction.

A professional genealogist delivers quality.
Professional genealogists have the skills and experience to help you make progress toward achieving your research goals. We bring fresh eyes to your project—and with them, the possibility of new research avenues and ideas. Some of our professional genealogists are certified or accredited through a professional credentialing body, and all are required to participate in continuing education each year as part of membership in the Association of Professional Genealogists.

As rewarding as researching your own family history can be, not everyone has the necessary time, money, or expertise to personally pursue all of the sources that might be available or needed to meet their objectives. As a result, the time may come when you want to enlist the services of a professional genealogist. Find the right genealogy professional for your goal in our member directory where you can evaluate experience related to specialties, geographic location, and other factors pertinent to your project.