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Continuing Education FAQ

Why a continuing education requirement?
Continuing professional development allows you to hone your skills, gain additional knowledge in your area(s) of specialty, branch out into new specializations, uncover gaps in your skills and capabilities, demonstrate your commitment to professional growth, strengthen your critical inquiry, and stay current with new technologies, business practices, and the latest developments in our field.

What counts as CE credit?
The time you spend learning or refining your genealogy or business skills counts hour for hour, whether in person, virtually, or in any format. Choose the method that suits you best.

What should I learn?
The answer to that lies within you. Choose what you need. You may need to improve your business practices, writing skills, or genealogical knowledge. Our field can use information from a variety of disciplines such as history, geography, mapping, social history, archival studies, librarianship, languages, or writing. You may also add to your professionalism with topics such as time management, public speaking, new technologies, and many others.

Does instruction that leads to a certificate of completion count more?
For the purposes of meeting the CE hours, one type of learning does not count for more than any other. As you evaluate the advances you are making, you will make the final determination of the ultimate value of a particular course, seminar, retreat, etc. Each hour spent improving your skills counts as an hour regardless of which manner is used.

What if I am teaching a course or writing a book or article?
Absolutely, this is continuing education! The preparation and research involved in teaching and writing is eligible to be included.

Will the hours that I complete this year carry over to next year?
No. Developments in the genealogy field are constantly changing, so education is required each year.

Why is the requirement only twelve (12) hours?
Twelve hours is the minimum, but feel free to include all that you invest.

Should I keep a record of my CE hours?
Keeping track of your Continuing Education is a good practice for all professionals. It can be useful to refer to when preparing a resume, a business website, or communications to potential employers.

Should I plan my CE hours in advance?
Yes! Having a sound education plan is recommended for all professionals. Planning in advance helps you establish priorities in terms of time and finances, and also aids in focusing your efforts on specific areas of development.

Do you need documentation of my education hours?
The form is self-reporting. We do not need copies of certificates, invoices, or other proof of your completed hours.

Where can I find help in planning my continuing education hours?
APG offers several resources to get you started: