APG Staff

APG Committees

Advocacy Committee

The APG Advocacy Committee promotes members' awareness of laws and activities which may affect genealogical and historical research and engages in activities to improve access to records.

Members: Billie Fogarty (Chair); Patricia Walls Stamm, CG®, CGL℠

Awards Committee

The APG Awards Committee selects the persons who will receive the various awards given by APG on an annual basis.

Members: Patricia Walls Stamm, CG®, CGL℠ (Chair); Kim Harrison; Janet Davenport

Chapter Review Committee

The APG Chapter Review Committee reviews the bylaws of new chapters and Special Interest Groups applying for charters and presents their recommendations to the Executive Committee.

Members: Annette Burke Lyttle, (Chapter Liaison & Chair)

Continuing Education Monitoring Committee

The APG Continuing Education Monitoring Committee monitors the compliance of the membership in reporting continuing education hours and recommends any needed updates or changes to the policy.

Members: Rose Lerer Cohen (Chair)

International Affairs Committee

The APG International Affairs Committee promotes members' awareness of international developments which may affect genealogical and historical research. It also promotes awareness of, and interest in, professional genealogical services on an international level.

Members: John Boeren, LLM (Chair); Rose Lerer Cohen, PhD; David Ryan, MA DipGen

Logo Usage Compliance Committee

The APG Logo Usage Compliance Committee educates members about the proper use of the APG logo(s) and reports improper usage of the logo(s) to the Executive Director.

Members: Vacant

Marketing Committee

The APG Marketing Committee promotes and awareness of, and interest in, professional genealogical services as well as the members of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

Members: Janet Hovorka (Chair); Crista Cowan, Laurie Hermance-Moore

Member Benefits Committee

The APG Member Benefits Committee seeks ways to enhance the value of an APG membership by identifying and securing discounts to services and products used by APG members.

Members: Rich Venezia (Chair); Susan Ennis; Janet Hovorka

Nominations Committee

The APG Nominations Committee publicizes the need for qualified nominees via a variety of channels to ensure a strong pool of candidates, issues a call for nominations for elected positions, and recommends a slate of candidates.

Members: vacant

Professional Development Committee

The APG Professional Development Committee encourages, promotes, and provides educational opportunities for those engaged in genealogical business pursuits.

Members: LaDonna Garner, M.A. (Chair)

Professional Management Conference Committee

The Professional Management Conference Committee provides assistance as needed to the contracted PMC Coordinator to conduct the annual Professional Management Conference.

Members:  vacant

Professional Review Committee

The APG Professional Review Committee reviews complaints about members relating to the APG Code of Ethics and present their findings and recommendations to the Executive Committee for action.

The members of this committee are confidential and were approved by the Board of Directors in August 2020.


Publications Advisory Committee

The APG Publications Advisory Committee reviews and approves all publications of the Association of Professional Genealogists, including but not limited to the Quarterly (APGQ), APG eNews, online content for the APG website, press releases, flyers, and other content including items distributed by chapters and special interest groups (SIGs).

Members: Cari Taplin, CG®; Corey Oiesen, Deborah Harvey

Redistribution Committee

The APG Redistribution Committee recommends electoral region boundary adjustments to balance geographic and member distribution.

Not appointed in 2019/2020