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Certificates of Appreciation

In order to recognize individual APG members for outstanding, continual, or uncommon contributions to the Association of Professional Genealogists, the Certificate of Appreciation was introduced in 1993.

Eligibility: This award is open to all active members of APG in good standing.

Criteria: The contribution of significant time and effort to further the objectives and activities of APG.

Selection: Nominations may be submitted by individual members of APG, APG Chapters and Special Interest Groups, the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, or the Executive Director.

To recommend a person for this award, please complete the nomination form at (available seasonally).

Past Recipients:


  • Wendy McLean – For extraordinary support during the Professional Management Conference
  • Members of the APG Quarterly Production Team: Amy E. K. Arner, CG®, Rachel Croucher, Ian Watson, Matthew Wright


  • APG Bylaws Committee – For their dedicated efforts to review and update APG’s bylaws, and to provide the best guidance for the operation of the Association: Dawn Carlile, Teresa B. Devine, CG®, Margaret R. Fortier, CG®, Michael S. Ramage, J.D., CG®


  • LaDonna Garner - For her contributions to APG as chair of the Professional Development Committee in 2021 and as technical coordinator for the 2021 APG Professional Management Conference.
  • Shauna Hicks - For her efforts to reopen APG’s Australia and New Zealand Chapter during the pandemic


  • Melissa Johnson, CG - For serving as APGQ Reviews Editor for the past eleven years.


  • Carol Dye Ekdahl, CG - For eighteen years of service as APG’s Registered Agent.
  • Sandra Hildreth Ball, CPA - For her years of service as treasurer and for initiating APG’s use of a bookkeeping/tax service to improve the organization’s financial processes.


  • Amy E. K. Arner, Mike Bronner, Carla S. Cegielski and Yvette Hoitink, CG - For their work on the APG Website Committee.
  • Deborah Hooper, CG - For service to APG as a member of the Board of Directors and the Code of Ethics and Professional Practices Committee.
  • Fiona Fitzsimons - For service to APG as a member of the Board of Directors, for her work on revising APG's bylaws, and for her advocacy to grow and strengthen APG in Ireland.
  • Ruy Cardoso, CG - For service to APG as member of the Code of Ethics and Professional Practices Committee.
  • Catherine Desmarais, CG - For service to APG as Vice President, on the Bylaws Committee, and on the Code of Ethics and Professional Practices Committees.


  • Kimberly T. Powell - For her service and dedication to the Professional Development Committee.
  • Diane Rapaport - For her years of service on the Publications Advisory Committee.


  • Corey Oiesen - For her outstanding service and dedication to APG as Communications Officer.


  • Carol Bannister - For her passion and dedicated assistance in the formation and for continued support of the Britain, Ireland and the Isles Chapter, and support and staffing of the APG stand at Who Do You Think You Are? Live (2013–2014).
  • Melanie Holtz, CG - For her hours of work and innovative ideas as part of the APG Professional Development Committee (2011-2014), which she chaired in 2014.


  • Amy E. K. Arner - For her participation in the Publications Advisory Committee, proofreading the APGQ, and six years as a Board member.
  • Diane Gravel - For her diligence in working with APG's chapters. Under her leadership as APG Chapter Review Committee Chair, she started a chapter chat where chapters can communicate with each other about problems and solutions within the chapters.
  • Sarah Kirby - For her chairmanship and continued outstanding service to the Publications Advisory Committee.


  • Harold Henderson, CG - For exceptional dedication to APG, especially for going well above and beyond service as Chair of the APGQ Advisory Committee.
  • Mary Penner - For outstanding service and significant contributions to APG, including work on the e-Newsletter, the Professional Issues Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee, and the Membership Working Group.
  • Eileen M. O'Duill, CG - For eight years of service to the Board of Directors, and being instrumental in organizing APG's participation in Who Do You Think You Are? Live in London, England.


  • Beverly Rice, CG - For her work as APG Roundtable coordinator, 2005-10.
  • Melanie D. Holtz, CG - For her work as compiler for APG Quarterly's "Chapter Spotlight" and "Member News" sections from 2008-11.


  • Angela Packer McGhie - For her leadership as president of the APG National Capital Area Chapter, as well as for her educational efforts in coordinating the ProGen Study Groups, directing her local Family History Center and in initiating a workshop featuring Thomas Jones, PhD, CG, CGL, FASG.
  • Polly Kimmitt, CG - For her activities as president of the New England Chapter of APG in 2009. During her tenure, Kimmitt was responsible for driving an increase in meeting attendance and chapter memberships and motivated the organization to design a chapter logo, brochure and new interactive website. Under her leadership, the chapter created a booth and presence at the New England Regional Genealogical Conference and its featured Ancestors Road Show. The chapter credits Kimmitt's energy and guidance in helping it be named "Golden Chapter" at the APG Gathering of the Chapters at the 2009 National Genealogical Society Family History Conference in Raleigh, NC.


  • Luke M. Muszkiewicz - For long-term contributions to the APG organization in the areas of technical advice, computer programming, web design, and customer service.
  • Alvie L. Davidson, CG - For continued generosity and involvement in the support, planning, and execution of APG's 30th Anniversary Celebration and the 2009 Professional Management Conference.


  • Donna Moughty - For her work as the APG Professional Management Conference Coordinator.
  • Beverly Rice, CG - For her work as APG Treasurer, Roundtable Coordinator, and the IRS FEIN project.
  • Linda Courtemanche - For her work as chair of the Chapter Review Committee.


  • Patricia Walls Stamm, CG, CGL - For committee work leading to the PMC Young Professional Scholarship. Stamm, from Missouri, teaches genealogical classes at St. Louis Community College. She has served on the APG Board for the past five years.
  • Richard F. Robinson, CG - For his work as APG Information Officer. Robinson, based in Boynton Beach, Florida, writes for popular historical-genealogical publications including the APG Quarterly. He was the charter president of the APG Florida Chapter.
  • Amy Larner Giroux, CG, CG - For her work as APG Webmaster, particularly during the web site and directory upgrades of the last year. Giroux, a researcher, lecturer and writer from Florida, is an award-winning author and a trustee for the Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG).
  • The APG Oregon Chapter - For several years of work organizing and leading discussions at APG Roundtables. Each year the Oregon Chapter provides the approved subject for the APG sponsored Roundtable. The Roundtable is held at the national conferences sponsored by the National Genealogical Society and the Federation of Genealogical Societies.


  • Nancy Coleman - For four years of innovative and tireless work on the Ancestors Road Show, sponsored by the New York Metro Chapter.
  • Matt Wright - For his dedication to making the APGQ reflect the professionalism to which all our members strive and to truly make it a member benefit publication.
  • Jan Davenport - For her special efforts in planning and implementing APG's 25th Anniversary Celebration and her continuing management of APG's presence at major conference exhibit halls.
  • Elissa Powell - For her boundless enthusiasm and non-stop work on behalf of APG during her six years’ service on the APG Board.
  • Heather Henderson - For the immeasurable contribution she made to the APG 2006 Branding and Marketing Project for which she designed brochures, marketing signs, promotional items, and the website prototype. Her outstanding design work enhanced APG's professional image and her dedication, determination, boundless enthusiasm, and positive attitude exemplify professionalism.


  • Eileen Polakoff - In recognition of dedication to the Professional Management Conference, upon her retirement from the coordinator's position, presentation of a lifetime registration certificate for future conferences.


  • Peter van der Heijden - For outstanding service as APG Webmaster for five years.
  • Alvie L. Davidson, CGRS - For the generous gift of underwriting APG's 25th anniversary expenses.
  • Claire Mire Bettag, CGRS, CGL - For outstanding service to APG as board member and chair of the Publications Advisory Committee.
  • Chuck Knuthson - For volunteer service to APG in preparation of the 2004 NGS Conference.


  • Annette Hulse - In recognition of the expertise and effort contributed in creating new editions of APG brochures.
  • Gail Jackson Miller, CG - In recognition of the expertise and effort contributed in creating new editions of APG brochures.
  • Carol Dye Ekdahl, CGRS - In recognition of six years of dedicated service to the APG Professional Management Conference Committee, including the preparation of policies and procedures.
  • Patricia Law Hatcher, CG, FASG - In recognition of five years of valued assistance to the APG Professional Management Conference Committee.
  • Gladys Friedman Paulin, CGRS - In recognition of three years of valued assistance to the APG Professional Management Conference Committee.


  • Marcia A. Rice - For service on the Professional Management Conference Committee.
  • Terry Moore - For serving as the Directory Distribution Manager.
  • Robert D. Griffin - For mailing membership directories to public libraries.


  • Ann T. Chaplin, CG - For serving four years on the Board of Trustees and chairing the Professional Arbitration Committee for three years.
  • Nancy Emmert, CG - For serving two years on the Board of Trustees, providing pro bono reviews of APG's financial records for a number of years, and serving on the most recent Redistribution Committee.
  • Marie Martin Murphy, CGRS - For serving two separated terms on the Board of Trustees representing two different regions (Marie had moved from Illinois to Virginia in the interim), acting as APG's first Directory Distribution Manager when the Association began distributing free copies to libraries and archives, and chairing the Professional Arbitration Committee last year.
  • Eileen O'Duill, CGRS - For serving on the Board of Trustees for six years and frequently traveling from Ireland to attend meetings. She also served on the most recent Redistribution Committee.


  • Carol Ekdahl - For her work on the Professional Management Conference Committee.
  • Dawn Slater-Putt - For her work as APGQ Book Review Editor.
  • Linda Geiger - For her labors as Directory Distribution Manager.
  • Barbara Mathews - For her efforts as Chapter Liaison.


  • Eileen Polakoff - For being the force behind the Professional Management Conference and for continuing her excellent work as coordinator of the Roundtables.
  • Ann Chaplin, CG - For work on the Professional Arbitration Committee.
  • Thomas Jones, CG - For work on the Publications Review Committee.
  • Nancy Emmert - For auditing APG's books.


  • Suzanne McVetty, CG - For work on APGQ.
  • Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, CGRS - For work on the APGQ.
  • Gordon Remington - For developing the chapter guidelines.


  • Kay Haviland Freilich, CGRS - For acting as the copy editor of the APGQ.
  • Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens, CGRS - For being the editor of the APGQ and 1997-1998 Directory.
  • Marie Varrelman Melchiori, CGRS, CGL - For being troubleshooter extraordinaire.
  • Birdie Monk Holsclaw - For being the copy editor of the APGQ and editing our website.
  • Jennifer Schmidt - For being the advertising manager of the APGQ.
  • Mike St. Clair - For developing our website.
  • Marcia Wyett, CGRS - For being APGQ staff.
  • Barbara Meehan - For creating the Are You Ready? brochure.


  • Marie Martin Murphy - For considerable and tireless service to APG with chairmanship of booths, service on committees, and directory marketing.
  • Kathleen Hinckley, CGRS - For her outstanding and devoted services as Executive Secretary, establishing procedures, updating the Association's database, and devoting many extra hours to her position.
  • Elizabeth Kerstens - For undertaking her new duties as editor of the APG Quarterly and establishing procedures.
  • Brenda Kellow, CG - For developing the new membership application.


  • Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens, CGRS - For her considerable efforts in editing the 1995-1996 APG Directory.
  • Suzanne McVetty, CG - For service on the Board as she reaches her term limits and committees for the APGQ interviews and assistance, support and encouragement to the current Executive Committee.
  • Barbara Comeaux Strickland - For dedicated and often unrecognized service as Executive Secretary.
  • Sheila Benedict, CGRS - For tireless support and San Diego APG booth Chairmanship.
  • Joan Nicholas - For booth chairmanship at Seattle.
  • Connie Potter - For ongoing support of APG and special contributions at the APG luncheon in San Diego.


  • Barbara Winge - For service as Book Review Editor.
  • Nancy Emmert - For auditing services.
  • Duncan Chaplin, CALS & Ann Chaplin, CG - For considerable handling of APG activities at the New England Regional Conference.
  • Karen Livsey and Anne Anderson - For considerable assistance to the new Executive Committee.
  • Ruth Christian, APG Parliamentarian - For special assistance to the new Executive Committee.


  • Ruth Christian - For chairing the Bylaws Committee.
  • Irene Goldstein - For being copy editor.
  • Eileen Polakoff - For organizing Roundtables.
  • Kathleen W. Hinckley, CGRS - For serving as the former Professional Review Board Chair.
  • Gordon Remington - For storing APG files, serving as Registered Agent, and picking up and forwarding mail.