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APG Logo Use Policy

The Association of Professional Genealogist's Member Logo is available in both web and high resolution format to APG members. The APG Member Logo must be used in an unaltered state. No other APG logo may be used by members. This includes the national APG logo.

APG Member Logo Use by Companies

Companies that employ or contract with both APG members and non-members may not use the APG member logo on their company publications, advertising, or correspondence, including their website, unless it is directly associated with the individuals who are members of APG. The accompanying text must state which individual is the member.

If all case managers, assistant case managers, researchers, research assistants, employees, contractors (excluding record agents who work only on an occasional contract basis), and other individuals directly involved in conducting research for clients are also members of APG, then the member logo may be used on company publications, including the website, with the accompanying text such as "All researchers at [Name of Company] are proud members of the Association of Professional Genealogists."

The APG member logo may not be used to imply that all employees, owners, or partners in a business are members of APG if this is not the case.

APG Chapter/SIG Logo Use

APG Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) may use the APG logo once a license agreement has been completed and approved. Approved Chapter/SIG logos may also be used by the Chapter or SIG only when accompanied by the APG logo. Individual members may use a Chapter Member or SIG Member logo if one has been developed and approved. The primary (not member) SIG or Chapter logo may not be used by individual members on their printed or electronic materials, including email, websites, and business cards.

No individual or company shall use the APG name or APG Logo in any way that could mislead the general public as to membership in APG.