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About Us

What We Offer to the Public

Connection: Through our directory of more than 2,000 genealogy professionals, we help members of the public locate and connect with professional genealogists around the world. By evaluating the experience, knowledge, and skills of the listed genealogists our members’ profiles can assist in selecting the right person for your project.

Information: Education is at the heart of what we do. We educate potential clients and the public about what to expect from a professional genealogist. We expect our members to stay current in our ever-expanding field by participating in required continuing education. Learn more about hiring a member of APG.

Advocacy:  Our active participation in the Records Preservation and Access Coalition and the efforts of our members across the nation and around the world help to keep genealogical records open and accessible.

Protection:  Each member annually agrees to abide by the APG Code of Ethics and Professional Practices and also reports their compliance to the continuing professional education requirement. In the event that a contracting member of the public believes that an APG member has violated the APG Code of Ethics and Professional Practices, he or she may file a complaint with the Professional Review Committee for adjudication.

What We Offer to the Genealogist

Connection:  For our members, we offer connection to a large network of similarly passionate colleagues—for sharing ideas, asking questions, developing resources, and making new connections. 

Education:  We educate our members through our annual Professional Management Conference; our professional journal, the APG Quarterly; our monthly newsletter, APG eNews; monthly webinars; networking events; and other offerings.

Advocacy:  We advocate for open access to records and rely on ALL of our members to alert us when local efforts are underway to limit public access to governmental records.

Passion:  Our members put their passion for genealogy to work every day and APG helps to develop your passion into a business. Our members help clients find answers to burning questions about their roots; teach others how to research and write their own family history; assist the government in verifying descendants of military service members lost overseas; assist attorneys in settling probate matters; identify missing heirs; decipher DNA cousin puzzles; define research problems and plans; translate foreign documents; abstract and transcribe documents; document ethnicity; prove lineage to a participant in a historical event; help plan trips to ancestral locations; and more. The scope of genealogical work is limited only by your imagination. APG can help you explore the possibilities and develop your plans.


Our Mission: To support those engaged in the business of genealogy through advocacy, collaboration, education, and the promotion of high ethical standards.


The Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) professional organization dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the genealogical profession. Founded in 1979, APG is the world’s largest association for professional genealogists, representing more than 2,000 members in forty countries around the world. We provide education, advocacy, best practices, and a professional community to our members in order to secure records access and to help advance their careers and the genealogical profession as a whole. We also seek to protect the interests of clients engaging the services of a professional genealogist and the public perception of the field of genealogy.