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2018 APG Professional Management Conference

4–6 October 2018
Crowne Plaza Kansas City Downtown
Kansas City, Missouri

PMC Classes and Workshops
Thursday 4 October 2018

Keynote: Copyrights and Trademarks for the Genealogist
Blaine T. Bettinger, PhD, JD
As genealogists, intellectual property is one of our greatest assets. We write client reports, articles, blog posts, and so much more. Learn about how copyright and trademark law protects your intellectual property. And just as importantly, discover what you should do to avoid infringing on the rights of others!

Repurpose with Purpose: The Power of Repurposing Content to Expand Your Genealogy Business
Thomas MacEntee
It isn"t always easy to "stand out from the crowd" in the genealogy industry. Learn how to take the content you've already created (lectures, webinars, cheat sheets, articles, etc.) and "repurpose" them into new product lines and services.

DNA Testing Plans–Well Worth Your Time
Paul Woodbury
Genetic genealogy analysis strikes a balance between analysis of current test results, waiting for better genetic evidence and performing additional DNA testing. Within the context of professional client research, developing a strong DNA testing plan to best address your research question is well worth a client's time. In order to achieve genealogical proof, it is necessary to utilize the best available sources and evidence. In genetic genealogy, the sources we use are the test results of descendants of a research subject. Apply principles of genetic inheritance to specific research questions for effective design of DNA testing plans.

SPEAKING TRACK - Successfully Answering the Calls for Proposals
Julie Miller, CG, CGL, FNGS
Discouraged because conference planners rejected your submissions—again? Want to become a genealogy speaker but you've no clue how to write a proposal? Attend this session and learn how to craft a proposal that will convey the key points of your lecture in a concise and accurate way. You will see that by using a few simple techniques, your proposal will spark excitement in conference planners and set your submission apart from all the rest.

LUNCHEON PROGRAM - A Conversation with the President
Billie Fogarty, MEd, APG President

Bigger Than a Brick Wall: Determining the Right Fee to Charge Clients
Kate Eakman
One of the most difficult tasks we have as professional genealogists isn’t breaking down brick walls or but determining how much to charge our clients. We want to make a reasonable living but what is “reasonable”? In this workshop, we will look at survey results reporting what other members of APG charge their clients. We will utilize some interactive tools to help calculate a reasonable hourly fee for our services and discuss how and when to adjust that total. In addition, we will talk about what to include for that fee and how to deal with the cost of documents.

Using Hyperlinks to Declutter Your Research
Brent N. Chadwick
An in-depth look at some of the ways that hyperlinks can be created and used in MS Excel and Word. Some of the uses for hyperlinks we will explore are client reports, narrative sketches and indexing.

SPEAKING TRACK - Andragogy and Genealogy: Understanding the Adult Learners in Your Classroom
Daniel Earl
Adults learn differently than children. I am confident you’ve seen that in your interactions with adolescents, but do we know how to effectively reach the adult learners in our genealogy classrooms? This lecture will review adult learning theory to help genealogists know how to best instruct and inform the adult learners in their 'classroom.'

Accreditation: A Pathway to Becoming a Better Researcher
Diana Elder, AG and Julie Stoddard, AG
The presentation will open with a discussion of how earning a credential benefits the professional genealogist: increased trust of clients, networking opportunities in the genealogical community, and greater marketability. The topic of professional ethics will be briefly addressed, reminding attendees of the importance of representing the profession to the best of their ability. Attendees will be given a brief overview of the education and experience a successful candidate for Accreditation will possess. The four generation project, testing, and oral review will be discussed.

A Conversation with Blaine Bettinger
Blaine T. Bettinger, PhD, JD
This is your opportunity to ask Blaine any questions that might be on your mind about genetic genealogy and his career as a genetic genealogist.

SPEAKING TRACK - Tips for Improving Your Genealogical Lecturing Skills
Paul Milner, FUGA
Learn tips and procedures for improving your genealogical lecturing skills. We will examine physical presence and appearance, body language, eye contact, voice control, advance preparation, and presentation materials.


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