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2018 APG Professional Management Conference

4–6 October 2018
Crowne Plaza Kansas City Downtown
Kansas City, Missouri

Poster Sessions and Discussion Groups
Friday 5 October 2018

A Legacy Discovered: Locating a Family in the Aftermath of the American Civil War
Yvonne C. Emanuel, MPA
Locating family members in the aftermath of the American Civil War can be a daunting exercise. During the waning days of the war, a little-remembered document, a census of the Federal Military Districts, was created. This poster presentation reviews and demonstrate how one such document entitled “Census Department of the South – November 1864: For Jacksonville, Fernandina and St. Augustine, Florida – Ordered by the Department of the South, Hilton Head, South Carolina” proved to be an effective tool in augmenting genealogical research. This tool led to the ultimate discovery of unknown family members.

A Genealogy Future by Design–Not Accident
Barbara Randall
Genealogy Future by Design provides a guide to where you want to be in your genealogy career by the end of the year. The process may be done independently, with a significant other, or with other genealogists. The basic design can be adapted to suit your needs. While it incorporates a one-year time frame, the start and end points to that year are flexible and it functions as part of a longer term plan. The plan is not about what you are doing right or wrong or what’s missing from your business. It is about what you’ve been doing and what you wish to do next to achieve the long-term goal.

Showcase Your Skills: Working with Historical Societies and Museums on Exhibits
Joanne M. Sher
Smaller historical societies, museums, and non-profit organizations obtain grants or have funding to create exhibits. Without in-house staff to research and fabricate the exhibits, individuals outside of the organization are subcontracted to do the work. This session will show how a professional genealogist can work with an organization through the process of grant writing, research, text writing, image selection, and the fabrication of an exhibit. Opportunities exist in this area for the skills that a professional genealogist already possesses.

Adding Value with Video
Margaret Eves
Participants will learn how video engages viewers, brings family history to life, and helps clients share research with family members who may not be “genealogically inclined.” This poster presentation will show how to quickly brainstorm ancestor story ideas, storyboard a video using available images, and put together a finished video using free or low-cost editing tools and resources.

Discussion Groups

Help! I'm Afraid of Public Speaking
Bryna O'Sullivan
This discussion group will tackle the topic of public speaking nerves. It will touch upon technological malfunctions, big crowds, and other factors that tend to upset our concentration. It will offer attendees a chance to discuss what has and hasn’t worked for them.

Go Away, I'm Working
Kate Eakman
Working from home can be both boon and bane. The vision: you at the center of a serene haven of genealogical research. The reality: a desk in the corner of the kitchen with kids crying and dogs barking. Or perhaps your family thinks "working from home" means "not a real job" and you find yourself on call 24/7. The good news is that creating your serene haven of genealogical research is not impossible. This session offers the chance to discuss specific and real-world-tested tips for setting aside a time and place to work and how to get your family on board.

Editing for Publication
Susan L. Ennis
Discussion centering around methods for revising, editing, and proofreading writing with accuracy, to meet publication requirements, and to prepare quality memoirs and family histories.

Establishing Your Genealogy Business
Amy E. K. Arner
Discuss the many aspects of beginning a genealogy business.


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