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2016 APG Professional Management Conference

Poster Sessions

Poster Sessions at APG's Professional Management Conference provide professional genealogists an informal, interactive opportunity to showcase research, share work, and exchange ideas.

Selected presenters create posters showcasing their work. These posters will be displayed during the Pizza Party & PMC Night at ACPL on Friday evening, 23 September. Presenters will be scheduled to discuss their work with PMC attendees.

Poster sessions are unique networking opportunities for professional genealogists to share information of interest to other professional genealogists. Poster sessions are NOT for product advertisements, vendor displays, and so forth.


What Is a Poster Session?

Poster session presenters place materials such as pictures, data, graphs, diagrams and narrative text on poster boards. During the assigned Poster Session, presenters informally discuss their presentations with conference attendees.

Poster Sessions are eye-catching and visual, letting viewers study and restudy provided information, as opposed to the fast pace of a verbal, slide-show presentation. Poster Sessions also allow viewers to discuss the research, project, or idea in a one-on-one environment.

Poster Sessions are popular at scientific conferences as a way to share research conducted in that field. For professional genealogists, Poster Sessions offer an opportunity to share research projects, make connections with new colleagues, discover what other professionals are working on, and get ideas on how to better utilize technology for your research.

Expectations of Selected Presenters

Selected presenters are expected to create a visual graphic display that is professional and delivers information in a well-thought-through manner. Because visuals enhance the effectiveness of Poster Sessions, we encourage presenters to include charts, drawings or photographs, documents, and/or other visuals as appropriate. Text should be well written and free from spelling and grammatical errors.

An Internet search (and the American Library Association's Flicker page at will offer many examples of Poster Sessions, some of which are professionally designed. APG does not expect professionally designed, full-color posters. However, we do expect selected presenters to present displays that positively represent themselves and the professional genealogy field in general. Poster dimensions should be 2' by 3'.

Posters must be mounted by 6:30 p.m. and remain on display Friday evening, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


  1. If my proposal is selected, what compensation will I receive?
  2. Presenting a poster during the PMC Poster Sessions in a unique chance to share and exchange ideas with colleagues. It's a networking opportunity in the spirit of promoting the professional genealogical community. APG offers $50 compensation to Poster Session presenters.

  3. Will I have an Internet connection or other electrical support?
  4. Presenters will need to provide their own source of power (for example, batteries) for poster sessions that include electrical equipment. No electrical support or Internet connections are available in the poster-session area. Audio-visual presentations that include broadcasted sound are discouraged as they can be distracting to the presenters located nearby.

  5. Can I submit a poster proposal about a project which has been published or submitted for publication in a journal?
  6. Yes. However, please note in your proposal whether your project/case study has been submitted for publication in a journal or has been published or presented before. Please note that the journal to which you'd like to simultaneously submit may have different rules, so be sure to contact the editor.

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