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2018 APG Professional Management Conference

4–6 October 2018
Crowne Plaza Kansas City Downtown
Kansas City, Missouri

PMC Classes and Workshops
Friday 5 October 2018

OPENING SESSION - Genetic Genealogy and Genealogical Proof–A Balancing Act
Paul Woodbury
Genetic genealogy requires balancing pursuit of different values of genealogical proof. Accuracy, citation of evidence, and thorough documentation are held in contrast to evaluation of compiled records, prioritization of evidence and research efficiency. How can we best balance these ideals in the pursuit of specific research objectives? In this session, review some of the most common methodological approaches and applications of genetic genealogy evidence. Explore the intersections between genetic evidence and documentary evidence and strike a balance in your own pursuit of genealogical proof.

Timelines for Your Business
Shelley Viola Murphy, DM
Timelines are a critical tool to use in your own research and for your clients. This presentation will demonstrate the use of timelines and building a research plan as a new line of service or strategy for your genealogy research business.

Write the Class: Build a Course from Start to Finish
Bryna O'Sullivan
This presentation will use a case study to walk attendees through developing a class, step by step. It will present professional genealogists with a program requesting a course and guide them through building a course for that environment. By the end of the presentation, the attendee should have a course concept fully outlined.

WRITING AND PUBLISHING TRACK - Genealogical Publishing in the Open Access Age
Ian Watson
This talk explains open-access publishing and content sharing and teaches professional genealogists when and how to take advantage of it. The talk reviews the history and economics of open-access business models, clarifies the challenges that they pose to established publishing traditions, and explains where they work, where they don’t, and the specifics of how to take advantage of them. The goal is to help professional genealogists (and their clients and employers) make genealogical content available in the most efficient and economical way.

LUNCHEON PROGRAM - The Invisible Staircase for Genealogists
Kathleen Brandt
The Invisible Staircase for Genealogists, an offering through the You Are a Pioneer© series is a tailored presentation to meet entrepreneurial and organizational goals. Sometimes, all we need is to know what is possible whether you are blazing a small business/entrepreneurial path or need a jolt of energy and excitement to your marketing and sales efforts. This motivational presentation is a great way to get new ideas flowing and to embrace changes for your entrepreneurial success.
Pre-registration required

Forensic Genealogy: Law & Order Meets Family History
Michael Brophy
Forensic genealogy is an emerging field involving cases with legal ramifications. Explore this fascinating area of heir research, adoption, citizenship and immigration casework, and military repatriation involving living people.

Large-Scale Digitization on a Small-Scale Budget: Next-Generation Archiving for Genealogists and Societies
Michael Cassara
In 2017, on behalf of the Italian Genealogical Group, I acquired the complete archives of "POINT," formerly the largest Italian genealogical organization in the world. The collection included over 40 boxes of materials, and, though they were exceedingly rich in content, an immediate dilemma occurred. With only a shoestring budget, limited time availability, and absolutely no physical storage space, our organization needed to create a quick and efficient approach to preserving these documents. Given the monumental task, we studied archival/digitization best practices—and, when relevant solutions weren’t readily available, we invented them. This presentation will offer exciting new insights to anyone who has ever wondered how to quickly and efficiently get a collection online.

Craig Roberts Scott, CG, FUGA
Examines the questions to be answered in bringing a genealogical manuscript to the marketplace. From pre-production issues, through production, sales, and marketing.

Dealing with Identity: Working with Adoptees and the Forcibly Removed
Benjamin Hollister
Finding skeletons in the closet is an occupational risk for genealogists and family historians, and the conversations that follow can be difficult and have far-reaching consequences. So many people form their identity based on perceived family and ethnic traits. When offering professional services around adoptees, children of disputed paternity, and indigenous peoples forcibly removed by colonial governments, the way one deals with these issues can make or break a reputation. This presentation will not prepare participants for the emotional impact of these conversations or increase their interpersonal skills. It will highlight where these skills will be needed, how to determine whether you are prepared, and where to go to prepare yourself better. It will also highlight that no research work is protected from these matters, and that a professional should work with clients rather than closing them off from the consequences of their research.

Knowing Your SEO from Your SMO: A Genealogist's Guide to Digital Marketing
David Ryan
The advent of digital marketing has changed how we connect with potential clients and other professionals. But how many of us can offer a firm explanation for what digital marketing is? How often do we let ourselves get confused and bewildered by all the jargon and terminology? What effective strategies are there for making the most of digital marketing resources such as websites, social media and search engines? The purpose of this presentation is to examine just how digital technologies have changed our approach to marketing and how we can take advantage of this without breaking the bank.

WRITING AND PUBLISHING TRACK - Publishing in Journals: What's in it for Me?
Shannon Green, CG
Shannon will share her experience as a first-time author in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly and The Record, two leading peer-reviewed genealogy journals. You will learn about the publishing process and the educational opportunity that writing for a peer-reviewed genealogy journal provides. Why not take the opportunity to get the most out of your client work and success stories? Write up your work and submit it for publication in a genealogy journal. What’s in it for you? An unparalleled personalized education with leaders in our field.


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