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2017 APG Professional Management Conference

29 September through 1 October 2017
DoubleTree Crystal City Hotel
Arlington, Virginia

PMC Classes and Workshops
Friday 29 September 2017

Keynote: When to Say No: Ethics for the Genealogical Professional
Judy G. Russell, JD, CG℠, CGL℠
Ethical issues are among the most common yet most perplexing questions faced by the professional genealogist and by the genealogical community as a whole. Understanding the ethical rules that govern the professional genealogist and understanding the consequences of an ethical breach are only part of the answer. Particularly where a client is willing to pay for something that approaches or, perhaps, even crosses an ethical line, the professional needs to know, thoroughly, both when to say no—and how to do so in the least-damaging way.

How to Make Outlook (or Gmail) Your Personal Secretary
Jessica M. Taylor
This class will help you get through your inbox faster and in a more systematic way so you can handle the many hats you wear as a professional genealogist. We’ll discuss rules, folders/labels, signatures, templates, and more.

Writing & Compiling Complex Projects While Staying on Track
J. Mark Lowe, CG℠, FUGA
Learn how to manage your projects without derailing the research. Discover the techniques & skills needed by professionals to keep your clients on board and projects completed.

Researching the War of 1812 in the National Archives
Rebecca W. Koford, CG℠
The War of 1812, often referred to as the “Second Revolution,” is an era that has many resources available to researchers. Most of these are found at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. This lecture will discuss the basic records found for soldiers and their families, including military service records, pensions, and bounty land. Additional records for this era which are found outside of the archives will be introduced.

Luncheon: Ethics in Practice
Table discussions led by APG President Billie Fogarty, MEd
Pre-registration required

Become a Broadcaster: How to Create a Podcast
Marian Pierre-Louis
Have you ever listened to a podcast such as Genealogy Gems, The Genealogy Guys, or The Genealogy Professional podcast and thought "Hey, I'd like to do that too"? The challenge is learning how to do it. Veteran podcaster Marian Pierre-Louis will peel back the curtain and teach you how to get started with both a simple set up and something more complicated.

Successful Websites: Turning Visitors into Clients
Carla S. Cegielski
Getting visitors to your website is only part of the marketing equation. Many visitors will not stay longer than 10 seconds and approximately 96% are not ready to commit to a purchase. Adding user interaction can engage visitors and encourage them to stay long enough to discover your business’s unique value. This presentation offers proven, effective methods for connecting with your website’s visitors.

Get Lean to Make More Green: Lean Startup Practices and Procedures for Your Business (Parts 1 and 2)
Janet Hovorka
Lean innovation is changing the way companies create healthy businesses—especially in genealogy. In this workshop you'll learn to test your new ideas to reduce waste and create success. We will help you analyze your business assumptions and correctly measure your processes so that you can pivot until you find sustainable growth. Bring a notebook and be prepared to discuss your business challenges in small groups to gain new ideas from your colleagues.

Post World War II Immigration: Using the Resources of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
Michelle L. Chubenko
For many who are interested in their family history, an immigrant ancestor is often no closer than a great-grandparent who chose to travel to a new homeland in the late 19th or early 20th centuries. However, a new generation is coming of age to seek their family history. Just 70 years ago, a new facet was added to traditional immigration patterns with the post-World War II exodus of Central and Eastern European peoples. This presentation will introduce to professional genealogists the many different collections—books, manuscript and digital—to utilize at the USHMM when researching Holocaust and post-WWII immigrants.

A Marketing Plan Is More Than a Business Card and a Facebook™ Page
Laurie Hermance-Moore
When thinking about marketing, many small business owners make the mistake of jumping straight to tactics, by making decisions to use channels like a business website, blog, or social media. If you are using certain channels because “everyone is” or “I think I should,” then you may benefit from stepping back and developing a clear understanding of why you might choose certain channels and what you want to accomplish. Successful marketing starts with a plan that prioritizes where it’s worth investing your effort.

The Revolution will be Digitized: Digital Preservation and Genealogy in an Irish Context
David Ryan
Digital preservation has been a huge boon to researchers and the general public. We can read once rare documents from the comfort of our own homes, look at pictures taken during pivotal historic moments, and even listen to the words of the people who lived through these events. For genealogical research, especially, this material has had a major impact on those researching their family history. The purpose of this lecture is to examine just how digital technologies have changed our approach to preservation and why this is so important.

Engaging a More Diverse Clientele
Janice Lovelace, PhD
Our client base is becoming more culturally diverse. How do we, as genealogists, engage and serve clients who may be more multi-cultural than we are? How do we expand our skills to serve those whose ancestors came from places other than Europe? This course will introduce ways to increase your skills and knowledge.

Organizit: Advanced Clutter Control
Rhoda Miller, EdD, CG℠ Organizit presents concepts and problem-solving ideas to genealogy researchers who are interested in furthering their organizational skills in order to free mental and physical space for more efficient research and business management. The concept of clutter, how it happens, and what to do about it, will be presented in a lively and entertaining manner. Specific ideas about the challenges of decluttering will be presented.


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