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Awards Program

APG honors outstanding acheivement in the field of genealogy. APG has the following award categories:

Grahame T. Smallwood Jr. Award of Merit

2015 Amy E. K. Arner
2014 Laura Prescott
2013 Mary Penner
2012 Gordon Gray
2011 Jake Gehring
2010 Alvie L. Davidson, CG
2009 Sandra MacLean Clunies, CG
2008 Craig Roberts Scott, CG
2007 J. Mark Lowe, CG
2006 Gary Mokotoff
2005 Sherry Irvine, CGRS, FSA (Scot)
2004 Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D., CG, CGL
2003 Helen F. M. Leary, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS
2002 not given
2001 Kimberly Morris
2000 Birdie Monk Holsclaw, FUGA
1999 Marie Varrelman Melchiori, CGRS, CGL
1998 Kay Germain Ingalls, CGRS
1997 Kathleen W. Hinckley, CGRS
1996 Joy Reisinger, CGRS
1995 Shirley Langdon Wilcox, CG
1994 Roger Joslyn, CG
1993 Desmond Walls Allen
1992 James W. Warren & Paula Stuart Warren, CGRS
1991 Eileen Polakoff & Suzanne McVetty, CG
1990 Sharon Carmack, CGRS
1989 Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL
1988 Alice Eicholz, CG
1987 Glade Nelson, AG
1986 Robert Charles Anderson, CG
1985 Johni Cerny
1984 Arlene Eakle
1983 not given
1982 Mary Schwartz, AG
1981 Grahame T. Smallwood, Jr., CALS

APG Professional Achievement Award

2015 David E. Rencher, AG, CG, FIGRS, FUGA
2014 Claire Mire Bettag, CG
2013 Helen F. M. Leary, CG (Emeritus), CGL, FASG, FNGS
2012 Janet Robyn Worthington, JP, NZRN, Dip. FHS, FSAG
2011 Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D., CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA
2010 Christine Rose, CG, CGL, FASG
2009 Loretto Dennis Szucs
2008 Sandra Hargreaves Luebking
2007 Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL

APG Honorary Life Membership

2014 Donn Devine, CG, FNGS
2013 Alvie L. Davidson, CG
2008 Gary Mokotoff
2007 Helen F. M. Leary, CG

APGQ Excellence Award

2013 George Morgan
2011 Amy E. K. Arner
2010 Diana Crisman Smith
2009 Sharon E. Sergeant
2008 Roberta "Bobbi" King
2007 Dr. Stephen P. Morse

Certificates of Appreciation

Young Professional Scholarship

2015 Bryna O'Sullivan
2014 Eva Goodwin
2008 Michael Melendez

Golden Chapter Award

2015 Greater Philadelphia
2014 National Capital Area
2013 North Carolina
2012 Second Life
2011 Heartland
2009 New England
2008 Heartland


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