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of Worcester County Massachusetts" by Ellery Bicknell Crane, 1907


P 308

(IX) Frank Melville Heath, son of Joseph Heath (8), was born in Nashua, New
Hampshire, September 8, 1852. When a lad of twelve years he left home to
seek a living for himself and began to earn his own board and schooling in
Manchester, New Hampshire. He attended the public schools until he was
fourteen years old, when he was apprenticed to a painter to learn his trade.
He continued his education, attending an evening school and paying his own
tuition. Wishing then to act and trade for himself he purchased his time of
his father, a necessary transaction under the law, and became his own
master. After working in the painting business three years he was made
foreman of the shop in which he was employed, and when he was twenty-four
years old was given full charge of the business.

It would sound, then, to me, more like these boys had somehow found their
calling, and had gained enough money to buy out their father's "interest" in
their labor.


Of course, that may have been the $1.00 that new sons-in-law paid to the
daughter's father when he virtually gave them land "for the love. . . "


I found similar language in court cases involving emancipated slaves.


Pat Dunford




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