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Researching  the houses where his ancestors lived I ran across some details 
in a German  survey record document from 1843 in the Palatinate 
There they  listed general data about that town:  
222  property owners 
5911 pieces  of property 
Area:  Tagwerk 3926 Dezimalen 54 
souls  491 
A “Tagwerk” was the  work that could have been done in one day. In America 
the  approximate amount of land tillable by one man behind an _ox_ 
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ox)  in one _day_ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day)  
was called “acre”. Every country  had his own ideas how big such a “Tagwerk”
In Bavaria (that’s were that part of the Palatinate then belonged to) a 
Tagwerk had 100 Dezimals =  40,000 square feet. A Bavarian square foot hat = 
0.086475 square meters.   
Thus a  property of 3,926 Tagwerk 54 Dezimalen in square meters was:   
3,926 x 40,000 x 0.086475 = 13,580,034 square  meters 
54 x 40,000 / 100 x 0.086475 = 186,786 square  meters 
in total 13,766,820 square meters 
1 U.S. acre = 4,047 square  meters 
=>  13,766,820 square meters = 3401.73 acres.  
(Ooooouuuuaaaaah, hopefully the calculation itself was right – in  Germany 
we use the “,” where you use  “.” and vice-verse) 
Roland  Geiger, St. Wendel,  Germany
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